The Hilux is the perennial workhorse from Toyota, able to run reliably when the conditions get tough, able to haul all without complaining, and able to power through when other trucks would already have given up. But what if Toyota took that same Hilux formula and tweaked it to suit a different lifestyle? Like someone who drives to the office every day, but reserves the weekends for some adventures off-road?

That is where the Hilux Conquest comes in.

The Conquest is Toyota's answer for customers that need the versatility of a truck, that demand everyday driving comfort, and the reliability expected of the Hilux name. It is the top variant of the Hilux model line and has recently been updated to offer even better looks, better comfort, and better all-around functionality.

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The new Hilux Conquest features a radically upgraded and much sportier look. Headlining the new design is a massive matte black front grille, giving the truck a strength of appearance befitting its toughness. Sharp looking bi-beam LED headlamps take care of illumination in the dark, but perhaps the most striking front design elements are those two foglamps with the C-clamp style bezels that extend to become the wider fender flares.

Ready to Lead: 2021 Toyota Hilux Conquest image

Whereas the previous Hilux Conquest had gloss black side mirrors and gloss black door handles, the new Conquest has those in flat black to match the other elements on the body for contrast. The wheels are a more striking set of 18-inch alloys in gloss black, while new and sharper Conquest decals can be found on the bed panels. Instead of a roll bar, the Hilux Conquest gets a sports bar to complete the look, along with a bed that comes standard with a liner.

Yes, the Hilux Conquest looks good whether you bring it to the trail or to the trendiest parts of the metropolis.

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What sets the new Hilux Conquest apart from its predecessor are the improvements to provide enhanced overall comfort, especially for customers that seek an everyday truck.

Toyota has made some revisions to the suspensions like a new rear leaf spring system with a longer main leaf, new bushings, and reduced friction through new materials. That means the rear suspension is more willing to absorb more of the road and transmit less into the cabin. But one key feature the Hilux has is a variable flow control power steering system that makes for lighter steering in low-speed driving, and firms up for higher speeds for better stability and cruising comfort.

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The functional interior with its many cupholders and airconditioned glove box for drinks has also been updated further for enhanced driving convenience. Got a long drive? You'll enjoy the new cruise control system in the Hilux Conquest. Want smartphone mirroring? The Hilux Conquest now gets Apple Carplay and Android Auto as standard features on the new 8-inch touchscreen unit. Do safety features give you peace of mind? The Hilux Conquest has anti-lock brakes, stability control, traction control, hill-start assist control, downhill assist control, a rear sonar system, a rear camera, and seven airbags.

All these and more can be enjoyed in the new Conquest.

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Good looking and comfortable as the Hilux Conquest might be, what matters most is the renewed performance expected of a vehicle with a T on the grille.

Together with the new design, the Hilux Conquest gets an upgraded version of the 2.8-liter 1GD-FTV turbodiesel with revisions inside the engine to further optimize cooling as well as a new ball bearing variable nozzle turbo for even better overall performance. The result is a pick-up truck that has 204 horsepower and an earth-moving 500 Newton meters of torque that comes in at an early 1600 rpm.

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Expect exceptional performance from the 6-speed automatic with a 4x4 system that is proven the world over. And for those that really want to take the Conquest to more challenging trails, you'll enjoy the fact that this has a differential lock system so you won't be spinning a wheel wastefully and get stuck.

Yes, the Hilux is ready to take you where ever you want to go.

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The 2021 Toyota Hilux Conquest offers that mix of rugged capability and everyday comfort that many have been looking for in a pick-up truck, and it comes in a variety of colors including a new shade called Emotional Red. No matter which version of the Conquest you opt for, you know you're getting a platform that is ready to deliver be it for fun or for your business.

Make no mistake about it: the Hilux Conquest is ready to work and play. To find out more, visit the Toyota virtual showroom or your nearest Toyota dealer.