Over the years the Philippine economy has grown considerably, allowing for an increase in local businesses and international investors. These lead to a more prosperous Philippines where entrepreneurs go about their various day to day operations, they are the start-up businesses, retailers and contractors who have specific needs of mobility whether its robust trucks, big cargo space or powerful tractor heads.

One manufacturer, namely the Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has recognized these needs and seized the opportunity by updating and improving their current commercial trucks line-up to keep up with the current commercial mobility standards and demands. Here is a breakdown of Isuzu’s truck segments along with a brief description of each:

Reliability for the Long Haul: Isuzu's solutions for big business mobility

The Versatile Work Horse: Isuzu N-Series Blue Power

This is Isuzu’s best-selling light-duty truck series that comes in various rear body applications. Whether it’s a closed van for hauling manpower and business supplies, putting out flames as a fire truck or as a means of collecting refuse on a daily basis, the N-Series is one of the most versatile truck platforms on sale today.

The N-Series has been given Isuzu’s brand new Blue Power engine technology, which was introduced last year into the Philippine market to address the newly enforced Euro IV emission standard and demand for more fuel-efficient trucks. The Blue Power engine technology has already garnered a lot of praise having already taken part in the Department of Energy’s Economy in both the D-MAX pick-up and mu-X SUV, both putting up better fuel mileage than non-blue powered Isuzu vehicles of before. So naturally Isuzu decided to feature the Blue Power technology in their commercial trucks as well.

Its not all about the engine though, other highlights included are the newly designed cab making it more aerodynamic improving fuel efficiency, a reinforced chassis and cab allowing for a safer, more rigid, and reliable truck.

Reliability for the Long Haul: Isuzu's solutions for big business mobility

The Powerful Workhorse: Isuzu F-Series Blue Power

This is for those businesses that are in need of something bigger the F-Series is Isuzu’s Medium-duty offering. These are the trucks most commonly used as haulers of fresh produce and precious construction materials all over the country.

Available in five variants (FRR90, FSR34, FVR34, FVM34-T, FVM34-W) with a gross vehicle weight that varies from 10,600-26,000 kilograms, Isuzu has updated the truck with new Blue Power power plants for that much needed muscle with 3 different engine displacements; from a 5.2 Liter 190 PS engine with 510 Nm of torque, a 7.8-liter producing 240 PS and 706Nm of torque and a powerful 7.8-liter variant with 280PS and producing earthquake generating 882 Nm of torque.

The strong F-Series frame also features a high axle capacity to take all that cargo payload and finally its designed with an easy access engine bay for easy maintenance.

Reliability for the Long Haul: Isuzu's solutions for big business mobility

The Building Block: Isuzu C and E Series Blue Power

The C and E series are the purpose-built heavy-duty offerings from Isuzu, the trucks that haul the biggest and heaviest containers across the country. Businesses use them to literally move earth, by being tasked with delivering cement to different construction sites and hauling the unused stones, boulders and soil out of these sites.

The C and E Series has a wide variety of applications, designed to handle all kinds of tough conditions. These include the concrete mixer, dump truck, and hauling trailer, among others.

Under the hood of the C and E series lies a powerful yet eco-friendly Euro V Blue Power engine maximizing the ability to haul heavy loads and be more earth-friendly at the same time. When it comes to safety, Isuzu is not taking any chances fitting the trucks with Anti-lock brakes (ABS) for those emergency braking situations.

Reliability for the Long Haul: Isuzu's solutions for big business mobility

Isuzu Advantage

Knowing that after sales service programs are important to the customers Isuzu has given each truck series its own warranty programs, that’s why the N-Series comes with a 3-year unlimited mileage. The F-Series with a 2 year or 50,000kms (whichever comes first) and finally the C&E Series with a 1 year or 40,000kms (whichever comes first) all for that hassle-free ownership. Not to mention the availability of Isuzu Genuine parts, and Best Value parts to fit every customer need. To add to that peace of mind ownership embedded in Isuzu Philippines website is the Periodic maintenance tab where you can select your vehicle and based on the imputed mileage will give you an estimate cost of the service.

When it comes to the right truck body though, Isuzu has also taken strides to strike partnerships with the local truck body builders to be able to give customers the right body configuration they need.

From the N-Series for the start-up businesses, to the F-Series for the expanding business owner and the C&E Series for the mega logistics companies, Isuzu has really covered all bases. Add that to the fact that Isuzu also has a nationwide dealer network of almost 41 dealers to support its customers along with the updated Blue Power engine technology, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Isuzu is the country’s consistent No. 1 truck brand for 18 years.