Stay Juiced: How CTEK keeps your weekend toy fully charged

Stay Juiced: How CTEK keeps your weekend toy fully charged image

AutoIndustriya x CTEK / | January 30, 2018 13:11

Got a rarely-driven car? CTEK is here to help

Have a car you rarely use? Chances are, you've experienced a flat battery after the car sat for weeks, even months, without being started. Be it a sentimental classic or a car for special occasions, a great day out can quickly be ruined, and it's all because the car failed to start. 

CTEK for rarely used cars

Just because a car is rarely used, it doesn't mean it needs less maintenance and the lack of use normally takes its toll on the batteries. Batteries need constant activity to stay in tip-top shape, which shouldn't be an issue for daily driven vehicles thanks to the regular use of the alternator. It is, however, a problem for seldomly used cars which sit for a long time without being started. 

CTEK for rarely used cars

So what causes the battery to be drained? In a modern car, the electronics are still in constant use, even with the engine off. For starters, the vehicle's security system stays on, as well as its diagnostics and the on-board computer. With no charge coming in, all these systems draw heavily on the battery, and the next thing you know, your car fails to start when you need it. 

But what if your car doesn't have electronics, much like a classic? With the lack of use, the acids that keep the battery in shape sinks to the bottom. The result is the battery not being able to carry the charge to crank it to life. Many would simply replace it once it gets depleted, leading to more waste and more expenses, but you might just be throwing away a healthy battery. Enter, the CTEK Smart Battery Charger.

CTEK for rarely used cars

While the traditional trickle charger can do the task, the CTEK Smart Battery Charger is an easy, hassle-free way to recharge, recondition and maintain your batteries. Unlike the trickle charger, CTEK products do not require constant readjustments to keep voltage in check. Simply plug the device into a wall socket, attach it to a battery terminal and let CTEK recharge your battery with no fuss. CTEK chargers are also safe to use with the device's short-circuit and reverse polarity protection along with non-sparking leads.

CTEK for rarely used cars

Most CTEK chargers come with the signature eight-step charging process with Desulphation, Soft Start, Bulk Charge, Absorption, Analysis, Recondition, Float, and Pulse. The charging process starts by bringing up battery acids that have sunk to the bottom. Once the acids have circulated, the Smart Charger checks the condition of the battery to see if it is still healthy enough. After that, the device will top up the battery to full capacity and will automatically stop charging when it reaches 100 percent, even when it is plugged in. It will then go into Pulse mode, wherein the CTEK charger will send a charge to the battery once it has detected that the capacity has gone down to 80%.

CTEK for rarely used cars

CTEK offers a wide variety of smart battery chargers for different kinds of cars, be it an old schooler, off-roader or modern car. For classic or modern cars, there's the MXS 5.0 which comes with the company's unique eight-step charging system, while the 'Time To Go' charger combines the signature eight-step process with a time indicator.

There are also specialized CTEK Smart Battery Chargers for unique applications. If your car comes relies heavily on electronics, the workshop-grade MXS 10 offers the signature 8-step process and also comes with a power supply mode which preserves a vehicles on board computer settings instead of forcing the owner to go for a full reset when the battery goes weak, saving you time, energy and costs. For cars equipped with stop/start tech, there's also the CT5 Stop/Start which delivers a higher voltage as there is more load on deep-cycle batteries. But for those who venture into the wilderness, the D250S Dual is splash proof, dust protected and approved for outdoor use.  

CTEK for rarely used cars

The benefits? For starters, there is less wastage as the charger keeps the battery fully charged for as long as it can. That said, it also means one can prolong the life of the battery as well. With a lengthened battery life, you no longer have to constantly buy batteries and significantly lower your expenses in the long run. Be it a weekend toy or a daily driver, CTEK Smart Battery Chargers won't let you down when you need your car the most.

CTEK Smart Chargers are available through authorized dealers.