Comfort, safety, and driving excitement with the Subaru Evoltis

There comes a time when priorities have to change, especially if you start to become responsible for a family.

Sometimes you might not even notice it, but your purchases start to change from wants to necessities. You will probably end up going to different aisles in the supermarket, entering different kinds of clothing stores, or visiting your local home depot more often.

The same goes for the kinds of cars you look at. If before you were looking at that hot new sports car or performance saloon car, you're now checking out something that has more seats, more safety features, and has provisions for ISOFIX child seat anchors. Sometimes it even boils down to the number of cupholders it has, which is why sedate minivans and MPVs are so popular as family vehicles

Subaru Evoltis: Confidently elevate your family

What if there was an option for a larger vehicle that covers all those important bases like practicality, safety, space, and comfort, yet can be confidently enjoyable when you want it to be?

For that, there's the Subaru Evoltis.

Yes, Subaru has just topped off their lineup in the Philippines with the Evoltis, a new seven-seater crossover that promises more than what any other Subaru has had to offer before. Let's show you how you can confidently elevate your family's drive with the Evoltis.

Subaru Evoltis: Confidently elevate your family

The Confidence of Versatility

Need space? Don't worry, you're not alone as Filipino families need extra seats and extra space too.

On that front, the Evoltis has you covered. The Evoltis is an SUV that measures 4998mm long, 1930mm wide, and 1819mm tall, meaning it is much larger than the Forester in all respects. This is a midsize crossover, and it comes with all the benefits associated with it, particularly when it comes to space.

Subaru Evoltis: Confidently elevate your family

Take a peek inside and you'll see that there are seats for seven inside; yes, this is a three-row crossover SUV, and it's generous with room for everyone. There is seating for two in front, two in the middle row, and another three in the very back.

But if you don't need all that seating capacity, you can configure the last two rows to give you cargo space. The third row fully folds flat, and the middle two seats also fold flat as well. With both rows down, you've got 2435 liters of cargo volume at your disposal.

Yes, the Evoltis can take on a lot of cargo, up to and including bicycles for that weekend away. But if biking is your thing, you may want to get a bike carrier for the roof rails. Actually, you can get pretty much any roof accessory you want, adding to the versatility of the Evoltis.

Even with all seats occupied, there's plenty of cargo space in the very back, and you can fit the retractable tonneau cover for the Evoltis to keep your items away from prying eyes. And speaking of loading cargo, the Evoltis even has a motorized tailgate with a memory function; that means after you set it to the proper height, you don't have to worry about hitting the ceiling of your parking slot if the clearance isn't that high.

Subaru Evoltis: Confidently elevate your family

The Confidence of Convenience

Everyone wants a convenient car to drive; that comes with the territory when you're looking for a more premium vehicle for your family. You want better connectivity, better audio, more electronic goodies, and other features that make your daily or weekend drive easier.

At the center of the dashboard is a new 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and it comes with Bluetooth, Apple Carplay, and Android Auto. That means no matter what smartphone you have, you can easily hook up to and play your music.

And speaking of music, Subaru turned to their friends at Harman Kardon for a powerful 14-speaker set up with a total of 792 watts. Whether you like classical music or the latest in RNB, you'll enjoy your audio in the Evoltis.

The Evoltis makes driving easier too. Parking this big Subaru in the city isn't a problem with cameras all around to help you along. The wiper system can detect if it's raining and the automatic headlights actually follow the road as you steer. Instead of a traditional handbrake, the Evoltis has an electronic parking brake, and it even has a hold function to make traffic easier.

And if you have to drive long distances, you'll enjoy the adaptive cruise control system. Yeah, this Subaru can help maintain a safe speed and gap on the highway for you. The best bit is that it even works if you're driving in the city; yes, including stop-and-go traffic. That's the beauty and convenience of EyeSight.

Subaru Evoltis: Confidently elevate your family

The Confidence of Comfort

Yes, the Evoltis is a comfortable vehicle, no matter where you sit.

The key of the Evoltis is of the smart variety; all you need to do is walk up to your Evoltis and it will welcome you in. The Evoltis has power-adjustable seats for the driver and front passenger, and Subaru even equipped the seats with ventilation to cool them down if you had to park under the noontime sun.

If you're fortunate to be sitting in the middle, then you've got the pleasure of being in one of the two captain's seats in the Evoltis. Yes, you can cruise comfortably in this SUV from Subaru, and there are sunshades here on the doors so you can relax and enjoy a little privacy. These captain's seats also have a gap in the middle so getting in and out of the third row is easier.

Subaru Evoltis: Confidently elevate your family

This Evoltis also gets a tri-zone climate control system; that means you can have different temp settings, for the driver, the front passenger, and those in the back. If you've got a long road trip ahead, you'll enjoy the fact that the Evoltis has a total of 19 cup and bottle holders all around. That means wherever you sit, everyone can enjoy their drink along with the sunlight from this panoramic sunroof.

But all those are just toppings on the cake: the best bit about the Evoltis is the comfortable and refined ride brought about by the Subaru Global Platform. All you have to do to experience the benefit of the ride is to take it for a test drive.

Subaru Evoltis: Confidently elevate your family

The Confidence of Advanced Safety

What sets the Evoltis apart from the rest of the pack is the attention to safety. This is a vehicle that has been thoroughly thought out to take safety to a new level in the class.

The Evoltis already covers the now-standard set of safety features expected in its class. It has seven airbags: dual front, dual side, dual curtain, and another for the driver's knee. All the brakes are disc brakes, meaning you have optimum stopping power that is perfect for a large vehicle. Anti-lock braking is standard, along with stability control and traction control. You've also got the advantage of confident traction with all-wheel drive, and the superior safety offered by the Subaru Global Platform.

Yes, those are already exceptional features, but Subaru has another trick to pull out of the hat, and it's called EyeSight.

If you look beyond the rearview mirror of the Evoltis, you'll see an unusual assembly with two cameras you won't find in any other vehicle that isn't a Subaru. That's the EyeSight system: a dual or stereo camera system that Subaru uses to achieve even greater levels of safety and convenience.

Subaru Evoltis: Confidently elevate your family

With EyeSight and other sensors on the vehicle, Subaru ensures the Evoltis brakes automatically if the driver fails to respond; that's Automatic Emergency Braking. It will even brake automatically if you're about to hit something while backing out; that's Reverse Automatic Braking.

The Evoltis also has features such as Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Lane Change Assist, Blind Spot Detection, and more. That means the Evoltis will warn you if you unintentionally veer away from your lane on the highway, or if there's a vehicle in your blind spot on the highway, or if there's a car crossing your path as you back out of a slot at the mall, or if you don't notice that the vehicle ahead slowed down, or if you accidentally put the vehicle to D while there's a wall or obstacle in front of you. 

But perhaps the most relaxing benefit of EyeSight is it allows the Evoltis to follow other vehicles safely by maintaining a good gap; that means on the highway, you can enjoy the drive a bit more. All these features and more means the Evoltis truly has you and your family truly covered.

Subaru Evoltis: Confidently elevate your family

The Confidence of a Great Drive

But what makes the Subaru Evoltis truly special is that you can expect a fun drive when you want a little more excitement out of your day.

At the heart of this Evoltis is a powerful 2.4-liter boxer turbo intercooler engine; the same engine to propel the next-gen WRX and STi. Your right foot has 260 horsepower and 375 Newton-meters of torque available when you step on the accelerator. The Lineartronic CVT transfers that performance to the road, all while finding ways to optimize the drive ratios for better efficiency.

Fans of Subaru's rallying performance will be overjoyed to know that the Evoltis has their signature Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system for superb traction on any surface and all kinds of weather conditions. Subaru's X-Mode also helps in difficult terrain, to give you the capability to get to where you want to go.

The balance and traction of the all-wheel-drive system and the low center of gravity of the boxer engine give the driver of this SUV the confidence to get around the corners easily. That means more driving fun, especially when the road gets nice, twisty, and fast.

Subaru Evoltis: Confidently elevate your family

If you're ready to see what the Evoltis is all about and experience all the advantages that this Subaru can offer, visit your nearest Subaru dealership and test one out for yourself. Actually, you can also book a test drive from the comfort of your own home, and all you have to do is visit

To learn more about Subaru's new flagship SUV, you may also log on to The first 50 customers who sign up and complete their purchase of a brand-new Subaru Evoltis will receive a limited-edition Evoltis watch to match their new SUV.