Many people consider automobiles as investments. As with any investment, there are also risks that come with it. Accidents in any form are never good, and most of the time, they can also be costly and time-consuming to repair.

Such is the case with vehicles’ windshields. A broken windshield may take a long time to be replaced, conforming to its availability, and ultimately, its cost. While some manufacturers may have them in stock, most do not, and for car owners who rely on their vehicles as a primary source of mobility, it is imperative that replacement is made as soon as possible.

This is where the country’s most trusted brand for automotive replacement glass comes in: Aguila Auto Glass. Having been in business for the better part of seven decades, Aguila Auto Glass brings to its customers their vast experience, their wide array of products, countrywide reach, and unrivaled service.

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Aguila Auto Glass has you covered with 25 branches in Luzon

Convenience is yet another thing that Aguila Auto Glass wants to bring to the masses, and with their network of 25 branches Luzon-wide, attending to your automotive glass delivery and home service needs will never be a hassle.

Customers can be confident that wherever they may need replacements, Aguila will have them covered. Whether you have an American, Japanese, European, Chinese, Korean, and even Indian-made cars, all Aguila Auto Glass branches are well-equipped and stocked to cater to their customers’ different needs. Should there be no stocks in hand, you need not worry because Aguila can service special orders as well.

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For those who are in the commercial and mobility industries, they can rest assured that Aguila is ready to serve them as well. Buses and trucks in need of windshield replacement can simply book their appointment with their nearest Aguila Auto Glass branch or through their hotline number, Facebook page, and even their website. They will just have to check on stocks, schedule the time for their booking and replacement, and they can enjoy the quality products that Aguila has to offer for all individual and business needs.

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Decades of experience – Aguila’s road to 70 years

Being in the industry for almost seven decades, Aguila Auto Glass has more than the proverbial feather in their cap. Founded by the husband and wife team of Atty. Lauro and Maria Aguila, their first branch was opened in the busy district of Avenida Rizal on February 18, 1952. They started with a humble 150 square meter office space and a 500 square meter warehouse for their stocks.

Through the years they have continued to bring quality products that meet industry standards and international certifications.

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As with any business, expansion has been a big part of Aguila Auto Glass. While investing time to train their people to give the best customer experience possible, they now offer a lineup of auto glass, wiper blades, polyurethane sealants, sealant guns, rubber moldings and strips, acrylic plastics, and even window tint.

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Nothing is more invaluable than experience for any business, and Aguila Auto Glass continues to grow and transcend its simple beginnings as an automotive glass provider. From a grassroots, family-oriented business, their brand continues to seek ways to give back not only to their customers and their continued trust but to their fellow countrymen as well.

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For customers, and for the Filipino people - Alagang Aguila

Quality products and clean workmanship are but the tip of the iceberg of Aguila Auto Glass services. With “Trust, Reliability, and Safety” at the core of their beliefs, Aguila is a company that recognizes simple beginnings and the importance of giving back to people and communities that have helped them along their road to 70 years in the business.

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With Alagang Aguila, customers can rest assured that they get nothing less than what they pay for and that they get the highest quality and the best value for their automotive requirements. Bearing the Import Commodity Clearance logo is proof enough of Aguila’s product quality.

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But more than that, Alagang Aguila is the same slogan with which Aguila Auto Glass gives back to different organizations and communities as part of their corporate social responsibilities. As clear as their glass products, Aguila does not restrict themselves or their efforts, and organizations like the Bahay Maria Children Center, the Philippine Eagle Foundation, Gawad Kalinga, the Mapua Institute of Technology engineering students, and numerous small-town schools have been part of Aguila’s continued outreach programs.

Aguila recognizes the importance of helping without counting the cost; they have done so for years, and they maintain their commitment to do so in all the years to come.

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With dedication, a passion for service, a wide range of quality products, meeting international standards, and most of all, service to country and fellowman, Aguila Auto Glass has shown that humble beginnings are no hindrance to being greater than a simple name or brand.

Aguila Auto Glass is also proud to announce that it is registered with CRIF Dun and Bradstreet (CRIF D&B). The company underwent stringent accreditation procedures and has recently been awarded certification by CRIF D&B. You can find their accreditation with DUNS#78-880-9916. Aguila Auto Glass meets the supply chain standards of large multinational and local companies, which assures you and your vehicle of proper service and handling of your auto glass needs.

These are all part of the advantage that Aguila Auto Glass is proud of. Whether for customers or worthwhile causes and organizations, Aguila will continue to blaze the trail for the automotive glass industry, while holding steadfast to their commitment of service to everyone who walks into their stores, and to those who reach beyond their crystal clear glass walls.

For more information, you can visit the Aguila Auto Glass website at