Car enthusiasts consider their car as an extension of their personalities and like to express themselves through simple upgrades here and there. Wheels, kits, and even window tints are some of the few additions made to their rides to stand out from the sea of regular cars.

One of the subtlest and quickest ways to express the type of owner you are is through window tint. Whether you like it light or dark, here are four kinds of tint with excellent heat rejection that not only help you make a statement but also preserve your interior and protect your skin. After all, nobody wants to feel the sting of the sun while they’re in the car.

3M Black Chrome Tint

If getting the job done is one of your mottos in life, Black Chrome tint may suit you quite well. The mirror finish adds a dash of style to your car, one of the reasons why people tint windows in the first place. Aside from looks, Black Chrome adds a high level UV blockage, heat rejection and glare reduction. Black Chrome is the ideal tint for those who want to combine style and substance in one package.

3M Crystalline Tint

For the sophisticated types, there's Crystalline, a clear tint that not only keeps your car looking brand new but also prevents signal interference for easy RFID access anytime anywhere . It also offers excellent amounts of UV and heat rejection, keeping you cool while looking good as you drive along. Some will say that no tint gives a car its best appearance but, with Crystalline, you no longer have to brave the harsh rays of the sun in the name of looks.

3M Color Stable Tint

If you're the type who values longevity in a car, Color Stable is the tint for you. Dark on the outside and clear inside, it is ideal for those who keep their vehicles for a long time. Color Stable does not fade even as time and the elements try their hardest to wear it down . It also gives the car that dark factory tinted look for more years while maintaining clarity so you won’t need to roll your windows down to see ahead. It even protects your eyes from glare, shielding you from the sun or lights from oncoming vehicles at night.

3M Scotchshield Tint

Last but not the least is the Security Tint which is best suited for those who demand safety, security and peace of mind. This special tint offers the highest level of privacy and protection thanks to a special film that makes the glass shatter resistant. As a bonus, it even offers high levels of glare reduction. If you're a VIP then this is the tint for you.

3M applying tint

Black Chrome, Crystalline, Color Stable and Scotchshield Automotive Security Tint are products of 3M. Want to learn more? Visit and get yourself the tint that best suits you.