Records are made to be broken, and that's what Caltex did when they fueled a successful Guinness World Record attempt.

Caltex, together with race car driver Natasha Chang, has set a new record by completing the fastest ever climb of the Doi Chang Mountain Road in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Even when using a 28-year old vehicle to do it, Caltex with Techron's clean and glide technology helped power them through to set the new record for the epic hill climb.

But what does a World Record mean to you?

Some may see World Records as just numbers and names etched into a plaque or entered into a book, but they do matter. A World Record speaks of performance at its very best. This same level of performance can be achieved in your car too, and we'll show you how the right fuel such as Caltex with the cleaning power of Techron can help you achieve the records that truly matter to you.


The Right Fuel can help you set the records that matter image

What makes Caltex with Techron special?

Fuel is meant to run your vehicle to take you places.

The Right Fuel can help you set the records that matter image

But what sets the fuel from Caltex above and beyond the competition is its ability to work and help clean your engine as you drive. Their fuels achieved that feat through a special additive formula that is Techron, the company's solution to fight the enemy that hampers an engine's performance: carbon deposits.

Over time, vehicle engines’ internal critical parts accumulate deposits which is a by-product when fuels are burned inside the engines.  These deposits which look like hard block layers of carbon pile up in valves and pistons and can even clog up the vehicle’s fuel injectors. It may seem trivial, but these deposits are harmful to your engine, affecting its overall performance for the worse.

The right fuel such as Caltex with the power of Techron's clean and glide technology can help sort out that problem. Not only does Techron help prevent the build-up, it actively cleans these parts every time you drive your car.

Now, how does that benefit you?

The Right Fuel can help you set the records that matter image

1) The right fuel can save you money

This much is certain: a healthy engine is an efficient engine.

You see, while some like the idea of having horsepower, the one thing that truly matters to any motorist who drives their car every day is fuel consumption. The less fuel consumed over the same distance and in the same conditions, the better.

A big factor of that is the condition of the engine. An engine that has a lot of deposits on critical parts will not have great performance and fuel economy compared to when it was new. The reason is that the deposits clog up and hinder the combustion, reducing power, thereby increasing your consumption of fuel. A dirty engineif fueled consistently with Caltex with Techron will get cleaner over time, and will help increase your savings at the pump.

Mind you, savings wouldn’t come only at the pump. With clean engines, unnecessary and unplanned engine overhauls can also be avoided. Who wouldn’t want clean engines?

The Right Fuel can help you set the records that matter image

2) The right fuel can reduce your stress

Another great benefit of using the right fuel is a smoother driving experience.

An engine that is running rough because of all these harmful deposits is a stressed engine, and you as a driver will be able to tell. That engine will let you know that it's not running well. Small signs like extra vibrations, slower acceleration, unusual noises, or extra exhaust smoke are not signs to be ignored, and yes, they can be very stressful for you, the driver.

If you use the right fuel, that can all be avoided. Moreover, not only does the right fuel such as Caltex with Techron clean, it protects your engine too. Yes, Caltex with Techron is the ounce of prevention your engine deserves.

The Right Fuel can help you set the records that matter image

3) The right fuel gives you the power you desire

As a vehicle gets older, there's a good chance that the power of the engine won't feel the same. That's natural.

With the right fuel such as Caltex with Techron, however, you can still get the maximum power out of the heart of your car.

Caltex fuels can achieve this because Techron actually enhances the engine's performance by reducing the friction inside your engine and its important parts. Engine deposits that affect overall performance will be Techron's prime target.

As the deposits are dealt with, the lubricity of your engine's internals will be improved, leading to less resistance and restoring that sensation of power you crave when you step on the gas pedal.

Improved fuel efficiency, reduced stress, and enhanced power.

These are just three of the great benefits of using the right fuel like Caltex with Techron. Whether your vehicle requires diesel or gasoline, Caltex premium grade fuels will clean your engine from the inside, and all this happens effortlessly as you drive.

Setting a new Guinness World Record is the prime example of the advantages of Caltex fuels, a competitive environment that tested the drivers and the machine to the extreme. Now imagine how those same advantages that helped drive a world record can help improve your daily drive.


The Right Fuel can help you set the records that matter image

Caltex with Techron® contains an innovative formulation, Techron®, that has been scientifically proven to clean and protect engines. See more of Caltex's products and services ranging from Techron fuels, lubricants, fuel oils and more here: