The world of automobiles is at a crossroads.

Before, it was just about new trends and new habits. Today, it's different. New technologies, new realizations, and new realities are revolutionizing the automotive landscape and consumer mindsets.

The global impact of automotive emissions is pushing engineering innovation beyond boundaries once thought to be the realm of science fiction. Carmakers are developing smarter systems to meet the demand to make driving safer worldwide. The drive to be connected means cars have to evolve to be a means of transport and mobility, but capable of online communications.

This is how Nissan is evolving and embracing a digital future image

Nissan, and its national sales company, Nissan Philippines, already knew which way they needed to go. And this year, they're going full throttle to drive forward.

Want to find out how Nissan Philippines is embracing the sweeping changes and driving forward in a new digital age?


This is how Nissan is evolving and embracing a digital future image

New logo, new future

Nissan started off 2020 with some big news: they're revitalizing their brand identity, and they intend to start with their own badge.

Nissan doesn't normally change their logo, but they saw fit to do so for the new decade and these changing times. The new Nissan logo is much more minimalist, featuring thinner letters and graphics for a refined and flexible look... perfect for a future that demands change.

Nissan Philippines has already redefined its brand image, and have started to use their new brand logo on their new homepage:

This is how Nissan is evolving and embracing a digital future image

Nissan's new online home

Upon opening Nissan's new home on the world wide web, you'll be greeted by a new look that will define the brand moving forward. Here, you'll find information about the key campaigns and new products from Nissan. You can explore the full Nissan line up from the luxurious Patrol to the affordable Almera. You can learn all about the latest offers from Nissan such as promotions and deals. And you can learn about what the Nissan brand has been actively doing in the community and beyond with their featured stories by visiting the Brand page.

On the Vehicles Page, you can explore each model in greater detail, as Nissan takes you through some of the major features as well as the surprising little details about every vehicle. Instead of picking up a physical brochure, you can be eco-friendly and download it in high resolution and full color. You can even book a test drive of your Nissan of choice, as well as locate a dealer near you. But one neat feature is the new car configurator; for now it's still exclusive to the X-Trail, but it gives you an idea of how you can personalize the vehicle for you.

Nissan also has a Service page wherein the experts can give owners tips about their new vehicles, as well as brief them all about Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

This is how Nissan is evolving and embracing a digital future image

Full speed with NIM

The biggest part of Nissan's drive for the future is undoubtedly Nissan Intelligent Mobility, and you can learn all about it on the new Nissan Philippines home page.

This isn't just about branding, as Nissan Intelligent Mobility (or NIM) covers a wide base of next-generation technologies that will change (and are already changing) what we can all expect from the brand.

There are Intelligent Driving features like the 360-degree Around View Monitor and ProPilot that allow a vehicle to provide exceptional safety by enhancing visibility, automated assistance, and more. There are Intelligent Power systems that include Nissan's E-Power electrified drive systems that require no charging stations, as well as Nissan's leading pure electric vehicle technology in the Nissan Leaf. And then there are Intelligent Integration features that include connectivity solutions like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Nissan Connect, and more.

These three pillars of NIM are designed to redefine how modern and future mobility should be through reduced or even zero emissions, improved safety and driving convenience, as well as connectivity while on the move.

Many of these features can already be found in the models at Nissan's dealerships all around the Philippines, and there are more to come, especially with the upcoming launch of the world's first mass market and one of the best selling electric vehicles: the all-new Nissan Leaf. And no, there are no emissions.


The ownership experience, digitized

The key advantage of going online is that Nissan can fully inform their customers about what to expect when purchasing and owning a vehicle. On the Finance page, customers can learn about the easy three-step financing process of Nissan as well as all the important requirements for individual or corporate financing schemes.

The new feature that Nissan has online is the ability for clients to start the purchase process in the convenience and safety of their own homes or offices, and Nissan is doing it via an easy three-step process. Through Nissan Finance in partnership with EastWest Bank, the purchase process begins with selecting a Nissan model, check your eligibility and requirements, and finally contacting the nearest dealer.

Apart from learning about how to purchase a car, Nissan is actively informing clients about the details when it comes to owning a Nissan. The website details the great aftersales services of the Nissan brand, from the fast Nissan Express Service for basic periodic maintenance services (PMS) to Nissan's new Service on Wheels. You can also book your service appointments online, as well as learn about Nissan's vehicle warranty.

Ready for the new normal

The current situation has forced a lot of difficult changes and challenges upon the global auto industry, but Nissan Philippines was ready and equipped to meet the challenge. On their new and revitalized homepage, Nissan is informing customers of new protocols and safety procedures at dealers nationwide. Social distancing, disinfection procedures, and the wearing of face masks and face shields are mandatory for your protection.

Nissan knows that the current situation is challenging, but they're constantly updating their online base to inform customers about other protocols under the new normal such as vehicle servicing, financing, sanitation, and what to expect when visiting a dealership. They even provide important information with regard to car care in the new normal. 

For customers that need to have their vehicles maintained but do not want to have to visit a dealership. Nissan has a program called Service on Wheels wherein Nissan will bring everything they need aboard a special Navara or Urvan to perform basic maintenance procedures. Yes, while you're in the comfort of your own home or while you're at the office or in your place of business.

This is how Nissan is evolving and embracing a digital future image

Elevating the virtual showroom experience

Nissan's next big thing in the Philippines, however, is their newly launched Virtual Showroom.

If you want to take a closer look at the Nissan that you've been losing sleep over because you're hesitant to visit a dealership, the Nissan virtual showroom can let you experience that vehicle and examine it in full detail. Using your cursor, you can navigate the virtual showroom that faithfully represents and simulates the look and feel of Nissan dealerships nationwide.

The best part about the Nissan virtual showroom is that you can even take a closer look at every Nissan they have in their line up in great detail through 360-degree imagery. You can examine Nissan's sedans like the Almera and the Sylphy, as well as the X-Trail crossover in great detail. You can check out the big frame-based vehicles of Nissan such as the Navara pick-up, Terra seven-seater, and the luxurious all-terrain Patrol. If you need to haul family, you've got the large Nissan Urvan Premium.  If you want to haul fast, the Nissan GT-R Premium takes the center stage together with the sublime handling Nissan 370Z NISMO sports car.

This is how Nissan is evolving and embracing a digital future image

But that's not all, as Nissan has used the same advanced 360-degree camera technology to allow you to not just peek inside the vehicles, but to closely examine the interior... all of it. You can look up, look down, zoom in, and zoom out, all so you can get a feel for what Nissan has to offer. And there are clickable 'hotspots' on the exterior of the vehicles so you can see what the specifications are. There are also hotspots inside the vehicle as well, showing certain features in greater detail as if you were actually inside.

There are more features with Nissan's virtual showroom to give a much better, much more in-depth customer experience from the convenience of your own home. Want a 370Z in a different color? There's a colorizer where you can pick what you want. Want a walk-around video of the Patrol? Nissan will have that ready for you at every model's landing page.

Hey, don't just take our word for it. Visit Nissan's latest showroom (the virtual kind) by clicking here.

No need to dress up, no need to drive out, and no need to put on face masks. Just click, and explore this exciting new innovation from Nissan Philippines by visiting