One thing we miss about pre-pandemic life is being free. Free to go to the cinemas, eat out at our favorite restaurants, or check out the newest vehicles in dealerships. Nowadays, you can do all of that safely from the comfort of home. Watch movies on Netflix, have food delivered by a courier, and even browse cars via virtual showrooms.

The problem is, browsing for a new vehicle online doesn’t feel the same as going to the dealership and seeing it in person. For starters, we don’t get to see everything the vehicle has to offer. The only thing we have are the photos provided. We also don’t feel the material used in the cabin. More importantly, there’s no one to assist us should we have more questions. We’re all alone doing the shopping, which can get boring.

Toyota Shaw’s online showroom has a new virtual assistant image

While there’s still no solution for the first two aside from physically visiting the dealership, Toyota Shaw has one for the latter. Going through Toyota Shaw’s website and virtual showroom, we met SHAWN. Think of SHAWN as your personal online marketing executive, and more. You can also think of him like Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S., but for helping you purchase and learning more about a vehicle. Officially though, SHAWN is Toyota Shaw’s virtual assistant, hence the name.

Toyota Shaw’s online showroom has a new virtual assistant image

What’s great about SHAWN is that he can tell you more information about the vehicle we were interested in. Better yet, he didn’t get tired of helping us out even though we went through all of the vehicles on “display” at Toyota Shaw’s virtual showroom.

Apart from helping us with brand new vehicles, we were surprised he could also help us with after-sales services. SHAWN can be used to help book service appointments, request insurance quotes, inquire for a repair estimate, schedule LTO license plate pickups, and viewing vehicle brochures. All we needed to do was click the drop-down tab, and choose whatever service we needed.

Toyota Shaw’s online showroom has a new virtual assistant image

Having SHAWN around the virtual showroom sure made browsing for new vehicles a lot less boring. At the same time, he was more than helpful when we had more questions about the vehicle we were looking at. If only SHAWN could talk, actually act like J.A.R.V.I.S., or even bring a test drive unit to our house for a drive, he would be perfect. But who knows, one day Toyota Shaw might just make that happen. For now, he’s already capable as is.

Curious about SHAWN? Why not try out the Toyota Shaw virtual showroom yourself, and see what he has to offer. He might be quiet, but he might just convince you to get a new vehicle.