Understanding the car's suspension system not only means having a smooth ride as it also includes how effectively it absorbs pot holes and its capability to turn or stop. Any difference in how it rides and handles could mean worn suspension components.

Sure enough, the car will run but ignoring worn suspension components can greatly affect the car's overall safety so better have it checked/repaired.

Since the suspension deals with how a car behaves on the road, it is regarded as one of the most important aspect of a car. Collectively, Its main purpose is to maximize the friction between the tires and the road surface in order to provide steering stability; good handling and overall ride comfort.

Handling - A car's ability to safely accelerate, brake and corner

Ride - A car's ability to smooth out bumpy or unevenly paved roads

In addition to supporting all the weight, the suspension system also absorbs and dampens shock which helps maintain tire contact. Typically it is made up of fundamental components such as, the coil spring, the shock absorber, the anti-sway bar and the tire. All these components must be in good working condition to keep the tire properly in contact with the road for utmost traction.

When it comes to suspension components, KYB is one of the world’s largest suppliers of shock absorbers to the world’s major vehicle manufacturers. KYB aftermarket shock absorbers are manufactured using the same technology as for OE. This means that KYB aftermarket products are the same as – and in many cases better than OE quality.

Years of expertise have enabled KYB to develop and manufacture coil springs, bump stops, and shock mounts including integrated automobile control systems for a wide range of vehicles. This is why KYB is the most trusted brand when it comes to suspension components and offers a wide range of applications.



Shock absorbers and coil springs are subjected to the elements like rain, dirt and salt from the roads. This can lead to corrosion and weakened performance. They should therefore be checked every 30,000km and replaced every 80,000km.

Suspension Mounts

These mounts attach the upper portion of the suspension strut to the vehicle body. They cushion the impact between the strut and the vehicle, reducing jarring, vibration and noise. These are also crucial to maintaining a smooth and responsive steering movement.

KYB Suspension Mounts 

Why change Suspension Mounts?

- To make steering easier, smoother and more precise

- To reduce vibrations

- To improve road handling

- To improve wheel alignment

- To save money by increasing shock absorber life

When should Suspension Mounts be changed?

- Each time the shock absorbers are replaced

- When the steering is hard and noisy

KYB Suspension Mounting Kit

- Improves the link between the shock absorber and the chassis.

- Increases the life of the shock absorber and all suspension components and tires.

- Improves handling and control.

Bump Stop and Strut Boot

Normally made from polyurethane, the Bump stop helps prevent premature shock absorber damage by limiting the suspension travel to prevent the suspension from bottoming out. It also prevents the coil springs from compressing too much.

The strut boots on the other hand helps extend the service life of the shock absorber by protecting the piston rod from dirt, dust, mud and other contaminants that may damage the shaft.

Why change Protection Kits (Bump Stop & Strut Boot)

- To improve road handling

- To save money by increasing the life of the shock absorber life and coil spring

KYB Bump Stop 

KYB Bump Stop

Made from high quality polyurethane, the KYB Bump Stop Kit prevents the bottoming out of struts ensuring a high level of protection and a longer strut life.

- Made using premium quality cellular polyurethane.

- Prevents the suspension from bottoming out

- Available for a variety of applications

- Perfectly manufactured to work with KYB struts

- Designed for Philippine road conditions.

KYB Strut Boot Kit 

KYB Strut Boot Kit

This highly durable plastic protects the strut from dirt; dust, sand, and other harmful and corrosive road debris that may cause abrasive wear to the polished shaft, upper seal & bushing and cause premature strut failure.


KYB K-Flex

Coil Spring

These are heavy-duty steel coils that cushion and absorb the shocks and bumps of the road as it compresses and expands. Together with shock absorbers they make up the vehicle’s suspension system.

Why change Coil Springs

- To return the vehicle to its correct ride height

- To maintain tire contact with the road surface

- To improve road handling

- To improve wheel alignment

- To help increase shock absorber life

When should Coil Springs be changed?

- When broken/damaged – always replace in pairs

- When fatigued (sagging) – always replace in pairs

- Shock absorbers should also be replaced at the same time and replace in pairs

KYB K-Flex Coil Springs

- Significantly increase shock absorber service life and other components including tires

- Hot & cold coiling technology

- Manufactured to ISO 9001 Standards

- Surface preparation and special coating ensures excellent corrosion resistance

Shock Absorber

It controls unwanted spring motion by converting the kinetic energy of the suspension into heat energy that’s dissipated inside the shock absorber. As such, it is responsible for how the vehicle handles while providing overall ride comfort through a process known as dampening.

Signs of Strut Failure

- Leaking hydraulic fluid

- Uneven or cupped tire wear

- Knocking noises or rattles

- The vehicle bounces over bumps

- The vehicle sways or leans more than normal requiring steering corrections

- Squats under acceleration and dives under braking

- Harsh ride

Replacing original equipment shocks, struts, and springs is one of the most popular and effective ways to enhance the handling and overall ride quality of any vehicle. When replacing struts one can either stick with the original equipment or aftermarket shock absorbers. This is where KYB’s expertise comes in as they have direct replacement shocks as well as those seeking more performance. Whether it’s an OE-spec KYB Excel-G or premium quality KYB New SR Special struts, Lowfer Struts for lowered suspensions, KYB has it.

KYB Excel-G 

KYB Excel-G

OE Quality and Comfort

Restore your vehicle’s OE ride quality with KYB’s famous Excel-G shock absorber.

A smooth ride quality with enhanced road control is made possible through its twin tube design, which also includes a patented anti-foaming valve plus pressurized nitrogen gas. This restores the vehicle’s OE-riding comfort while at the same time dramatically reduce the aeration or foaming that commonly occurs in shock absorbers, causing poor performance. KYB Excel-G shocks will make your vehicle ready for any driving condition. Made with the highest standards, Excel-G shock meets and exceeds OEM build quality.

KYB New SR Special 

KYB New SR Special

Better than OE in all aspects

Get better handling performance without sacrificing OE levels of comfort with the New SR Special shock absorber from KYB. The SR Special was developed from motorsports, which requires improved damping characteristics; but infused with OE levels of ride quality. This is a great suspension upgrade for car owners that demand better handling performance with OE ride comfort for their daily driven cars.

KYB Lowfer Sports and LHS Springs 

KYB Lowfer Sports

For Lowered Suspensions

Lowered coil springs work better with a short stroke shock absorbers/struts like KYB’s Lowfer Sports. Designed to provide a lower ride height with high levels of ride comfort for a range of vehicles. KYB also offers matching LHS lowering springs that are ideally suited for use with Lowfer sports shocks for optimal suspension performance.

KYB Skorched4 

KYB Skorched4

Off Road Capability

Engineered to provide superior off-road handling and control while having excellent on- road performance. Off-road driving conditions create high-speed shock movement that generates heat, which can quickly render a low quality shock absorber ineffective. Compatible for stock suspension and for those with 2” lift spring kits.