Let's face it, amping up your car's sound system takes a lot of tedious work.

You have to rip out a huge chunk of the interior, drill in some parts, and even get it fabricated. It's  lot of things to do meaning a lot of down time, labor, and expenses. If only there was a way to have an upgraded sound system without all the fuss.

With Blaupunkt, now you can.

Dubbed the GTr 100A, it is faster, simpler way to get more out of your car's audio, without the need for long down times. With that, it is also easy to handle, and its compact size makes it unobtrusive as well. Best of all, the GTr 100A is compatible for most cars, so be it old or new, you can get a powerful subwoofer in your ride.

But while it may be small, the GTr 100A packs a powerful punch with a maximum output power of 160 watts with a regular output power of 100 watts. Its light weight on the other hand owes itself to the use of aluminum, while the body is die-cast to stand the test of time and decibels. Further enhancing sound quality is its Ferrite magnets, which helps with reducing unwanted noises for clear audio resonance.

Upgrading your audio made easy

Another plus point of the GTr 100A is its remote, which comes standard with the whole package. With it, you can fine tune the subwoofer from frequency, to more gains. It also has an automatic switch-on feature which activates the subwoofer once music is played in the vehicle's head unit. 

As mentioned, there's no drilling or fabrication needed because of its brackets. Simply install in a secure area, and bolt it down with screws. Thanks to its compact size, it slots in easily under the seat and will not affect the seat's range of movement. Its easy to install ports and plugs also make it an uncluttered affair.

Upgrading your audio made easy

For those who like to DIY their cars, the fuse assembly is already put together, making it even more convenient to install in the car. Plus, you don't have to splice open wires or bring out a soldering kit to. connect one end to another . Because of that, you no longer have to have rolls and rolls of electrical tape with the GTr 100A, and you no longer have to worry about exposed wires that could spark a fire. If you plan to have it installed at a shop instead, there is less down time because of its plug and play setup. 

Upgrading your audio made easy

With its 160 watt output and built-in amplifier, the Blaupunkt GTr 100A is made to give you all the bass you want in a slim, lightweight and compact package. It's also light on the pocket with a retail price of Php 8,800*. With Christmas just around the corner, it's a nice gift to give to you and your car.

Upgrading your audio made easy

The Blaupankt GTr 100A can be ordered through 0917-5754812 or https://www.facebook.com/BlaupunktCarEntertainmentPH/

*Price does not include installation. This already depends on the shop / installer that the buyer chooses to work with.