Every great corporation depends on great representation.

The ability of a company's executives, managers, and front-liners to potential clients, existing customers, and prospective partners by representing well is key. Everyone in an organization need to be able to have the tools to make a good impression, and they need the proper tools for the job.

Your front liners particularly need to have the right equipment to help them represent your company properly. They need to dress the part, have smartphones that can stay connected all the time, have laptops with all the products, proposals, and information, but they also need mobility that is proper for the part they need to play in your business.


But what car do you choose to get your sharp-dressed staff the proper mobility befitting your company's image and aspirations? There are, after all, plenty of choices in the market for entry level saloon cars that could fill the role. Do you go for bottom dollar, the models that are the cheapest in the market with the least features and the most basic looks? Or do you go for something more premium to make an even better impression, but at higher costs?

With Volkswagen Philippines, however, premium and cost-effective go hand in hand, especially with the Santana 1.4 MT.

Let's take a look at this version of the Santana and show how it fits your company's requirements, and why you should narrow down your search to the company that made the People's Car.


1. The presentable option

Image plays a big part in success.

Arrive at a meeting while riding on the back of motorcycle taxi, chances are you'll be sweaty and tired. If your front liners arrive in a very basic econobox, it won't send the right signals. Pull up to a client's driveway in a Santana, however, and you've got the edge right away.


Every company has an image they want to project to their clients, and it shows in how professional they work and look. The Santana has that classic and proven Germanic look that Volkswagen is known for. The crisp lines, the proper proportions, and a clean look evoke the proper image that any company would want for their staff, especially the ones that are responsible for meeting with clients.

And if, for any reason, your client or customers needed to ride with your staff, the presentable and clean interior of this Volkswagen is more than up to the task.


2. Reliable and less downtime

The success of every automobile depends reliability. If a vehicle is reliable, then chances are it will succeed in its market, and in that regard, the Santana exceeds. Volkswagen has produced and sold millions of Santana units in its home market; a clear vote of confidence to the model's long term quality, popularity and reliability; aspects that every corporation aspires to have.

As a fleet car option, one of the key factors that is important is the cost of ownership, particularly when it comes to maintenance costs and the number of visits a car needs to make to a dealer for servicing. Maintaining a car and the downtime may not seem all too important when its a personal automobile, but considering that fleets often require tens or even hundreds of vehicles running at any given time, reducing costs and time away not being operational are key factors.


Thankfully all Volkswagens, including the Santana, have the advantage. Every Volkswagen that leaves the dealership has a 3-year, 100,000 kilometer warranty for worry-free operations, and all come with free roadside assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for 1 year. Most importantly, a Volkswagen Santana only needs to come in for standard preventive maintenance service every 10,000 kilometers, or once a year.

That means your fleet of Santana units can be profitable for your company for 364 days every year, or 365 days during a leap year.


3. Easy to drive and fuel efficient

Should you opt for the Volkswagen Santana 1.4 MT, you know you've got a great car that's easy to drive for your people. Electronic power steering makes maneuvering very easy, even in tight streets. The 4,475mm length and 1,706mm width means parking is easy. There are also plenty of safety and security features that include the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Volkswagen's advanced Safety Cage, keyless entry, immobilizer, rear foglamps, and dual front airbags.


The 1.4-liter engine in the Santana MT makes plenty of power at 90 PS and optimal torque at 132 Nm. Matched with the engine is a 5-speed manual gearbox that has been optimized for smooth driving whether the car is being driven in the city or on the highway. The suspension is optimized for comfort even on less-than-desirable roads.


But perhaps the biggest advantage of the Volkswagen Santana MT is the fuel economy. The engine size and 5-speed manual gearbox gives the Santana the edge when it comes to saving fuel even in heavy traffic, and that improves the bottom line especially in the long run.


If your company is looking for a fleet car for your front liners, don't go for cheap; go for the cost effective option, one that can represent your company to clients just as well as your best employees can.

The Volkswagen Santana 1.4 MT is available at Volkswagen dealerships nationwide, and starts at PhP 686,000.