For work and play - Volkswagen T-Cross

The Volkswagen T-Cross is exactly what the brand needed in the Philippines. Its upmarket look and youthful design make it perfect for young professionals looking for a car that will put in the work and have room for play. Distinct from its design to the color of its body, the T-Cross is a bit of an eye-catcher but with the classic VW twist. As the newest model in the lineup, it’s a breath of fresh air in a segment that the brand has never been in.

And it’s not just about how the car looks good inside and out, but also how it makes sense to young professionals whether in the entertainment or any industry for that matter. Let’s take a look at the top-of-the-line T-Cross SE filled with the latest features from the brand.

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Timeless Trendiness

How can two opposing ideas culminate in a crossover? Well, Volkswagen has just the model that makes things very interesting for owners and onlookers. It’s well-known in the industry that VW makes some of the most timeless cars, so it’s rare to see a model age so gracefully in an industry where curves keep getting curvier and sharp edges keep getting sharper. By sticking to its guns, VW hit a home run. The car looks modern, but not to the point where it’ll get dated within the next year or so.

The T-Cross keeps that trademark timelessness but still modernizes it just enough to look contemporary. A splash of color certainly helps, and it only cements the paradox of the T-Cross, though we’re not complaining. The black accents and the garnishes are enough to give the T-Cross a young look. We’re particularly fond of the rear where the black accents contrast well with the red of the taillights. Another little detail that catches the eye towards the rear is the placement of the T-Cross badge. It’s not like most cars where it is off to the left or right side. It’s placed symmetrically below the plate number. It’s a nice touch that strays a little away from the norm, but it’s a welcome subtle design feature.

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A Professional Persona

The paradox continues as the T-Cross blends very well in a business district and even in an office parking lot. Whether you’re looking to impress your boss, or whether you are the boss, the T-Cross is perfectly design-matched for all professionals of all ages. It’s eye-catching yet subdued. Even with its bright color palette, a more mature gentleman or lady may opt for a more muted and neutral color. However, young professionals might find that its vibrant colors will be too good to pass up. The lines of the T-Cross are as prim and proper as can be, not too daring but not too boring. 

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Capable Capacities

Being a crossover, the T-Cross boasts a wide cargo area with added height for bulkier items. Fold the seats and allot more space for cargo thanks to the folding rear seats. More specifically, you can get between 329 to 1,319 liters with the seats up and folded, respectively.

Whatever profession you maintain, there are times when a capable cargo hauler will be necessary. Whether you’re fulfilling familial duties, or going out with your friends on a long road trip, the T-Cross can answer the call.

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A Versatile Vehicle

Crossovers are known for being some of the most versatile vehicles out in the market today. With a unibody frame, the T-Cross makes for a great city-slicker, conquering bumps and potholes with ease as it has ample ground clearance. It can even go beyond the confines of the concrete jungle, able to traverse less-than-desirable terrain, albeit with a bit of care. The road ahead of your journey can be filled with some obstacles along the way, but ground clearance is the answer to some of the more unpredictable road conditions like flood, mud, and a hole in the road that you didn’t see.

Engine performance is also adequate for a dynamic lifestyle, even if you are on the more frugal side. The T-Cross can keep up with you and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg at the gas station. It won't break the bank to fill up no matter where you go because it averages 16.9 km/L in the city and on the highway.

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Ready To Connect

Volkswagen sought to get ahead of the times, which is why the T-Cross is kitted with features even the most tech-savvy will enjoy. The T-Cross SE comes with a 9.2-inch infotainment system that can connect mobile devices via Wireless Apple CarPlay. It meshes well with the bright and youthful interior design of the vehicle. It’s a great infotainment screen to use and it connects well to smartphones while simultaneously charging them at the same time, keeping you ready to go and navigate to your next destination.

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The T-Cross SE is the latest VW in the lineup to get Active Info Display (AID). It's a large 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster that can adapt to display anything you need whether it’s fuel economy or driver assistance. In place of analog gauges, or a combo cluster, the driver is treated to an all-digital affair. Not only does the screen appear vibrant and clear, but it can also show you what you need to know when you need it the most.

If you happen to be conscious of your consumption, AID can help you pace your range by displaying all the pertinent fuel economy info based on your current drive. These features give the AID Swiss Army Knife functionality, able to adapt to what you need when you need it no matter where you might be. Millennials and newer drivers will appreciate the added benefits this feature brings and it serves as one of the headlining pieces of tech in the T-Cross SE that help it to stand out from the crowd. 

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A Storied Brand and Model

All that style bears substance, and many can attest. Having sold more than 300,000 units globally even prior to its launch in the Philippines, the T-Cross stands as one of the brand’s biggest success stories in recent years. Available in over 55 countries worldwide, it’s got broad appeal and VW once again proved to the world that it can make great and reliable cars. The brand has been around since 1937 and it is one of the biggest players in the automotive industry. Quite a few icons have come from the brand like the Volkswagen Beetle and the Volkswagen Golf so it’s a bit of an understatement to say that VW knows what it’s doing.

Whether it’s the Beetle, Golf, or the Kombi Van, all of these models have set the bar in some way. It’s not impossible to see that the T-Cross could be one of the more iconic models from the brand. It’s one of the braver designs from the VW design house, and that just makes it even more desirable.

Get in touch with a Volkswagen dealership and experience the model for yourself. Whether it’s in the driver’s seat or even in the back seat, you will find that the car is well-worth the P1,250,000 price tag in its SE trim, which is the top-of-the-line offering. If you can forego a few features, but still want the complete package, then for just P1,098,000, you can get the S variant in the lineup, which still retains the T-Cross’ good looks and capabilities that’ll suit your lifestyle.

If you want to know more about the T-Cross and all of its features, contact any of the official Volkswagen Philippines dealerships, or visit their official webpage