Now that summer has arrived, car owners all over the country can finally rest easy, knowing that torrential downpours will no longer threaten their babies with filth and muck. Nonetheless, keeping your car clean, even during summer, is essential to vehicle maintenance.

But don't use just any detergent product and a kitchen sponge, as these could ruin the paint finish in the long run. It's best to do it with the right stuff.

To do it the right way, SONAX Philippines gives us some proper car wash tips with a live demo done at Car Kreative Technik in San Juan City.

To start you off, here is a primer on the proper way to wash your car. Timing is key - prep by making sure you wash early morning or late evening. This ensures that the products you use don't evaporate too quickly and leave unsightly marks.


Getting started

Sonax products

Like in writing or cooking, you need to first prepare your materials. Here's a list of what you'll need:

Sonax Active Shampoo

  • A bucket of water, blended with a car shampoo that will gently clean your bodywork, like the phosphate-free SONAX Xtreme Active Shampoo 2 in 1. The nice thing about this stuff is that, unlike other car shampoos, you only need 20ml of concentrate for one bucket of water.

  • A skinny wheel brush or a toothbrush for the wheels and a plastic scrub brush for the tires.

  • A big, soft sponge that is specially designed for car bodies, like the SONAX Multi Sponge, which has special pores deep inside that trap dirt. This keeps the shampoo solution and the rest of the car from getting too filthy.

  • A clean chamois, like the highly absorbent SONAX Car Care Cloth

  • A microfiber cloth to give the car's body a good shine, like the SONAX Microfibre Cloth Exterior

  • A microfiber cloth to clean the interior, such as the SONAX Microfibre Interior & Glass Plus

  • A good wheel cleaner, like the SONAX Xtreme Wheel Cleaner

  • Tire dressing, like the SONAX Xtreme Tyre Gloss Gel


The process

Hose the car down

Once you have everything set, start by rinsing your car with a hose. This helps remove some of the loose dust and grime on it. Then, dunk the sponge in the bucket of shampoo solution and start scrubbing from the top down.

Scrubbing car with sponge

Ideally, scrub horizontal parts like the roof, hood and trunk; before the vertical parts. This ensures that all the large bits of dirt at the bottom of the car don't ruin the rest of the bodywork. Also clean in sections, rinsing immediately after each section so that the shampoo doesn't leave streaks.

If there are certain bits of stubborn dirt, the double-sided SONAX Multi Sponge has a slightly tougher white side that helps remove stubborn dirt without scouring the paint.

Sonax car care cloth

After everything has been washed thoroughly, wipe the body dry with a clean chamois, instead of a franela (flannel cloth). The SONAX Car Care Cloth, is made of a super-absorbent material that makes sure lint and streaks don't ruin the shine. No need for 'elbow grease' here. Just spread the chamois out and drag it across the damp panel.

Store chamois ziplock

Don't forget to store it damp in a resealable bag, as a dry chamois may crumble.

Sonax wheel cleaner

After the body, it's time for the wheels. For difficult stains that can't be hosed off, use a strong wheel cleaner like the acid-free SONAX Xtreme Wheel Cleaner. You can literally see the dirt melt away, as this stuff turns purple when it reacts to substances like baked-on brake dust and oil residue. Use the wheel brush to better stimulate the cleaner and to get to hard-to-reach dirt in the wheels. Once done, rinse everything off and wipe your wheels dry with a clean cloth.


The important extras

Most car owners would stop there. But it's a good idea to finish/wipe the body again with a microfiber cloth, so that your car has a truly gorgeous sheen. For easier handling, you can fold your microfiber cloth similar to the steps below, it also gives the extra peace of mind that the edging doesn't touch your paint surface.

Sonax microfiber

To prevent the formation of water marks on the windshield and windows, apply a glass cleaning solution with a clean cloth, like the SONAX Xtreme Glass Clear Nano Pro. This not only cleans the glass, but also leaves an invisible nano-coating to make sure water and dirt slide right off.

Sonax Glass Cleaner


Finishing touches

Sonax Car Breeze

Apart from vacuuming the carpets and floor mats, wipe away dust and other particles inside your car with another microfiber cloth. Keep it smelling fresh with solutions like the SONAX Car Breeze. To top everything off, rejuvenate your pavement-beaten sidewalls with a nice coating of SONAX Xtreme Tyre Gloss Gel.

Sonax Spray and Clay

For really heavy dirt, like dead bugs, tree sap and stuck asphalt, it's time to bring out the big guns. Tempting as it is to use kerosene, a less toxic and more car-friendly solution would be something like the SONAX Xtreme Spray & Clay, which consists of a lubricating spray and a soft cleaning clay to effectively coax the dirt off.

All of these may sound like a lot of work. But in the end, these tips and products will make sure that your car gets that summer shine, even after the sun stops coming out.

Sonax at CKT

For more information, visit the SONAX Philippines website or call +63927-5595170. SONAX Xtreme products are also available at the following outlets: ARC Automotive, Blade Asia stores, Car Kreative Technik, Formula Sports, Frau Auto Services, Roadstar Enterprises, SNY Customs & Car Acessories, SpeedyFix, Startire Autocar & Accessories Cebu.