Nothing is more important than family. So it comes as no surprise that when it comes to choosing the right family car, you need to pick carefully. It needs to suit a variety of needs, like seating capacity, space, performance, safety, fuel economy, and many more.

But what if we told you that there exists a vehicle that can be a family car as well as a fun everyday runabout?

That's the Honda BR-V, a compact seven-seater SUV that appears to be small but is big on features, big on space, and everything else. Let us show you how this stylish crossover is all you really need to move your family of seven.

Why the Honda BR-V is the advantage you (and your family) deserve image

1. The SUV looks that you deserve

The BR-V has all the right looks in all the right angles. From its bold front end, distinct taillights at the back, as well as its SUV-inspired looks, the BR-V is one cool-looking seven-seater. Further highlighting the BR-V's masculine looks are the neat touches of chrome, front skid plate, black body cladding, and the roof rails up top.

It's not all rugged for the BR-V however as it also comes with sleek design cues. The 16-inch alloy wheels give the seven-seater a sleek look that makes it all the more appealing. The redesigned front and rear bumpers also give the BR-V a more upmarket appearance which is sure to impress those that look at it. Hop inside and you'll be surprised to see that it has sleek red accents which can be seen on the seats, door panels, dashboard and even on the steering wheel.

Why the Honda BR-V is the advantage you (and your family) deserve image

With a crossover platform with SUV looks, the BR-V walks the fine line of being a stylish vehicle, while also being a practical family model.

Why the Honda BR-V is the advantage you (and your family) deserve image

2. The comfort, convenience and safety you deserve

A good family car has to be comfortable, convenient, safe, as well as have plenty of standard amenities. The BR-V has all of that covered, and then some. It has touchscreen infotainment as standard which also benefits from more advanced connectivity methods for your iOS or Android device. This allows you to easily pair your phone with the onboard system more seamlessly instead of having to rely on Bluetooth.

On a hot summer day, you'll be glad to know that the BR-V has automatic climate control to keep your family cool. What's more, is that it has a rear aircon system which helps in keeping the kids comfortable while on a long journey. Need to charge your devices? The BR-V comes with two USB ports, as well as a 12V charging socket to keep your mobile phones fully charged.

What good is a family car if it's not safe for the occupants? Fortunately, the BR-V has loads of safety kit as standard. These include dual airbags, vehicle stability assist (VSA), reverse camera, hill-start assist, anti-lock brakes, and ISOFIX child seat anchors to keep your baby safe while on the road.

As for riding comfort, the BR-V delivers a soft and assured ride. Unlike other seven-seaters that are based off pick-up trucks or SUVs, the BR-V's car-based design means it has a comfier ride that leads the competition. That means that even when it's fully-packed with seven people, the BR-V will keep you and your family cozy.

Why the Honda BR-V is the advantage you (and your family) deserve image

3. The space and practicality you deserve

Don't let its size fool you. Despite its rather compact dimensions, the BR-V can seat seven in comfort. Some might say that the third row is only reserved for the kids, but medium-sized adults can also fit in the back just fine. And should the passengers at the third row need more additional legroom, the second-row seats can be slid forward in order to maximize the available space.

Why the Honda BR-V is the advantage you (and your family) deserve image

Need to carry plenty of luggage for an out of town trip? The third-row seats can easily be folded and voila, you now have 470 liters of cargo space. In case you need a flat floor to stow your stuff, the third-row can be tumbled and you now have 521 liters worth of space. If you want to treat the BR-V like a cargo van, the second-row seats can be folded down as well for an almost flat space. That way, you can store long items like surfboards, as well as small pieces of furniture with ease.

But what if you need to carry lots of items but you still need to have seating for five? Don't fret as the BR-V features a 60:40 split-folding second-row seat. This allows you to carry additional luggage while still being able to carry four to five passengers in comfort.

Besides its ability to carry lots of cargo, the BR-V also comes with plenty of cubby holes and stowage bins. From cubby holes on the center console to the door and seatback pockets, your family will have peace of mind on where to put their valuables inside the BR-V. For passengers seated at the very back, you'll be happy to know that the third row has its own set of cupholders.

Why the Honda BR-V is the advantage you (and your family) deserve image

4. The fun drive that you deserve

With 120 PS and 145 Nm of torque from its 1.5-liter engine, the BR-V is the most powerful in its class. It has more than enough pep and pulling power, and it is not afraid to use all of those revs. Speaking of revs, the BR-V also comes with i-VTEC which helps you save on fuel, as well as get the most out of the engine when you need to. Coupled to a smooth-operating CVT, the BR-V i-VTEC powertrain is efficient and sends sufficient power when you need it.

But is the BR-V fun to drive? As it sits on the same chassis as the Mobilio and Brio, it feels like you're still driving a smaller car. Despite being taller and wider than those two, the BR-V has good handling and is relatively lightweight. With the help of electronic power steering, it's easy to guide the BR-V in tight side streets as well as in narrow parking spaces. And should you take on winding roads, the BR-V will deliver a fun driving experience thanks to its Mobilio-derived chassis, and generous amount of steering input.

Why the Honda BR-V is the advantage you (and your family) deserve image

5. The Filipino-built vehicle you deserve

The BR-V also has the distinction of being the only vehicle in its class that is built by Filipinos, for Filipinos. It's a testament to the quality of their factory in Santa Rosa, Laguna, making a great contribution to the economy and a fine drive you and your family can enjoy every day.


The Honda BR-V is available at Honda dealerships nationwide in three variants: The 2020 Honda BRV 1.5 S CVT is priced at PhP 1,035,000 while the 2020 Honda BR-V Prestige CVT is priced at PhP 1,075,000. The range-topping 2020 Honda BR-V with all the features is priced at PhP 1,155,000.