Sub-compact sedans have garnered a big following in the Philippines. Seen as the bang-for-buck choice for first-car and seasoned owners alike, they actually have a lot to offer. The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is no different. Since it first entered the PH market, we’ve seen its following grow. And with its 2021 model, buyers are sure to get a lot more than what they pay for.

In a delicate balance between form and function, style and performance, practicality, and dare we say fun, here’s what the 2021 Mirage G4 gives its buyers and owners.

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Showstopping design that is trademark Mitsubishi

There’s no denying the good look of Mitsubishi’s signature design: the Dynamic Shield. Just looking at the Mirage G4 with this new look gives it a sportier and a much more aggressive look. Just because it’s a sub-compact doesn’t mean it can’t command presence on the roads. With its reworked front end, you’re sure to have a car that looks confident and stronger – much stronger – than its size.

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The new headlamp design adds a touch of class to what’s already a handsome front end. The rear end follows suit as well, getting a redesign that brings class and sport together through a redesigned bumper and the addition of rear reflectors. Speaking of class, did you see those new 15” wheels? Its multi-spoke design does a good job of giving the Mirage G4 that sporty look that young and old drivers love their cars to have. But you don’t have to take our word for it, because Mitsubishi’s Head of Design Division himself made sure that all you see is according to the “Geometry of Cool”.

But what are all the aesthetics for if you don’t have a good ride, right? Don’t worry because the Mirage G4 has more in store.

An updated interior focused on comfort and convenience

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The interior design of the Mirage G4 was always a winning formula. While the changes inside are minute, it’s their subtlety that adds value to the discerning eyes of those who ride the G4.

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Sportiness? You’ll just have to look at the redesigned gauge cluster. This time, it has carbon fiber-like inserts in and around the pods. “Still the same black upholstery”? Take a closer look and you’ll see the new design that Mitsubishi has put into the fabric. The addition of these geometric patterns is all the sophistication you need to know that this isn’t a plain jane vehicle.

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More than its looks, the Mirage G4 is also about convenience for everyone. In-car entertainment is provided by a 7-inch head unit that comes with all the connectivity options you’ll need: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity are integrated into the infotainment system, and controllable with steering wheel-mounted buttons. Keyless entry and a push start button are conveniently part of the package as well.

Mitsubishi made sure to use proper padding and materials for all seats, and the support and comfort of the Mirage G4’s seats really are remarkable. Oh, and the rear occupants get their own armrest with two integrated cupholders, too. Who says rear passengers can’t have creature comforts? No such thing in the Mirage G4.

Space enough even for excess baggage

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As with any sub-compact, space is one thing that can make or break the deal. With the G4 having four doors, and with its ability to seat five, you’d think that there won’t be space for a trunk, right? Surprise! The G4 is out to surprise you yet again.

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What sets the G4 apart from its hatchback sibling is the presence of an actual trunk. Okay, so you might be thinking “how much space does it have for my things?” The Mirage G4 isn’t a slouch, and with more than 450 liters of trunk space with the 2nd-row seats down, you can put a cooler plus have space enough for luggage for your road trips, or for a few boxes for a couple of weeks’ worth of groceries in the back.

But then again, let the photos you see here prove that magic. City slicking or long driving, the Mirage G4 is ready for you and your baggage.

Just the right power, with no shortage of fuel efficiency

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Whether you’re carrying people or bringing cargo, the Mirage G4 has enough juice to carry you through. Under the hood sits the familiar 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder MIVEC engine that has always powered the Mirage. Pushing a fair 78 horsepower and pulling with 100Nm of torque. Mated to Mitsubishi’s INVECS-III CVT,  you have yourself a capable car for getting you through roads or finishing your hauling errands.

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The engine-transmission combination of the Mirage G4 makes sure that you’re at the optimal revs and the right gear to ensure not just peak performance, but more importantly, excellent fuel economy as well. No one expects you to burn asphalt with the G4, and really, you shouldn’t want to. But during those chances that you might want to drive a little bit more spiritedly, there’s nothing to worry about because the Mirage G4 is as sprightly and agile as sub-compacts can get. Just step on the accelerator and feel the engine and transmission go to work with smooth acceleration throughout the band.

With all that, you can still manage an excellent fuel readout of about 19 kilometers per liter.

Impressive? That’s an understatement if you ask us.

Safety and dependability are its top priority

A car is supposed to get you from one point to another. But what sets a good vehicle apart are its safety features, and the Mirage G4 definitely has a lot of it. Just how safe and secure are you in the G4? Here’s what you’re getting: dual front SRS airbags, ISOFIX anchors for child seats, and side-impact beams? But wait, there’s more! The Mirage G4 also comes with a Brake Override System (BOS) and uses Mitsubishi’s Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body that efficiently absorbs impact energy and maintains high cabin integrity in the event of a collision.

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For those opting to get the range-topping GLS variant, you’ll also be getting Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD). If you find yourself needing to make an abrupt stop and steer to avoid an accident, whether in the wet or in the dry, you’re assured that the Mirage G4 remains responsive all while minimizing braking distance.

It’s not simply getting from Point A to Point B, it’s about getting there with the assurance of safety, and the Mirage G4 makes sure of that, all the time, with every drive.


Mitsubishi saw to it that their vehicles not only look good, but they have to offer a suite of convenience and safety as well. All while partnering technology with time-tested engineering, then you have yourself a dependable, reliable, and efficient means of transportation as well. With the new Mirage G4, you get all of those and a whole lot more for your hard-earned money.

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But Mitsubishi doesn’t stop there. Those who purchase a Mirage G4 will also be treated to a free preventive maintenance package for up to 2 years, plus a free sanitation service every time their vehicle is serviced. Times are pretty difficult, but owning a Mirage G4 shouldn’t be.

The 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is now available in all of Mitsubishi’s 57 dealerships across the country. With four colors to choose from, and with three variants at the most competitive prices in their segment, you know that more than its nameplate, this Mirage will always be G4 anything and G4 everything that you need in a car.