The needs of would-be car owners are changing. Value must be maximized. Efficiency must be top notch. Style, substance, versatility, comfort, and driving performance have to all be balanced out.

While carmakers all over the world are working to design and engineer a car that meets those needs and desires, Suzuki already has it in their showrooms.

It's called the Suzuki Dzire.

With three different variants, every Dzire comes with unique advantages whether you’re looking for a comfortable first car, a sub-compact for personal use, and even one for getting into the TNVS business or to serve your company’s fleet.

What, then, does the Suzuki Dzire have in store for you?

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Good looks and features in a compact body style

The Dzire is definitely a looker with a good number of features. For better night visibility, the Dzire comes with multi-reflector headlamps. If that’s not enough, the top-of-the-line GL+ variant also comes with foglamps as standard. As good as the front looks, the rear looks just as sharp with its LED combination lamps, allowing those behind you to see you clearly in day or night conditions.

The base model GA comes with 14” steel wheels, and if you want to get a set of multi-spoke alloy wheels, those come with the GL and GL+ variants. Now those will give the Dzire a bit of added flare, plus a more aggressive look in its compact package.

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Easy maneuverability in the city

Traffic. Hassle, right? The Suzuki Dzire makes it a lot more bearable. This vehicle is assures ease of maneuvering, and negotiating through tight situations will come easy given its compact length and width. But the Dzire is still a very agile car, and it remains stable during cornering and even during quick and sudden turns of the wheel to avoid obstacles such as potholes.

But perhaps the biggest advantage to its size is the Dzire’s ability to fit into the tightest of parking spaces. Being able to squeeze into an open slot with ease and confidence is always a good thing, and you get exactly that when you’re driving the Dzire.

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Space enough for passengers and cargo

Don’t let its size fool you because it provides impressive head- and leg-room both in the front and at the back. The Dzire also comes with well-padded seats and a strong air-conditioning system so you’re in for a comfortable ride.

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Have a need for cargo? The Dzire boasts of impressive trunk space. With space enough for a couple of pieces of luggage or bags for a weekend getaway this sub-compact sedan can carry both people and cargo with relative ease.

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If you’re in the TNVS business, imagine having to pick someone up from, say, the airport. The Dzire is one car that may look small, but is sure to have enough space for your passenger, or passengers’ needs.

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Economical engine

Saving on fuel sounds good, doesn’t it? The Dzire manages an impressive consumption in the 12 kilometers per liter range in the City. What’s even better is that it managed a range of 25.81 kilometers per liter on highway driving.

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With a choice of two different transmissions, the potential to get more mileage is well within your choices. Both the GA and GL variants of the Dzire come with a manual transmission, while the top variant GL+ features Suzuki’s AGS or Auto Gear Shift. The AGS-equipped Dzire can do 12-13 kilometers per liter, so you can imagine something that could be even better given a manual transmission. Going with the latter option, whether for personal or TNVS use gives you a choice between something that is economical, and potentially more economical; either way, you’re already a winner when it comes to gassing up between full tanks.

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Affordable pricing

Everyone wants a bargain. With the Dzire, it’s the obvious choice. The base variant GA retails for PHP 549,900, and the mid-trim GL at PHP 638,000. Both these models come with the same 1.2L engine mated to a manual transmission, and either is perfect for use as a taxi, a TNVS of fleet unit, and even as a first personal car.

If you want something that showcases Suzuki’s AGS technology, you can opt for the top-of-the-line GL+ which retails at PHP 698,000. With it you get all the upscale options plus the convenience of Auto Gear Shift that gives you the capability to be frugal, while having an easier time driving in bumper to bumper traffic, and even on open stretches of road.

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Good things don’t always need to come in big packages. When purchasing a car, whether for business or your own personal needs, you always have to find the balance between cost, features, and how many boxes a vehicle ticks on your “wants” list. If you ask Suzuki, the Dzire fits the bill, as well as your pockets very well with its offering of technology, amenities, economy, and overall cost.

So, what is it that you truly desire?