The future of automobile propulsion is here.

A Filipino inventor has just begun a revolution by developing a system that literally converts high carbon waste into usable electric energy for automobiles.

44 year old industrial and electrical engineer, Joe Kuson-Yu, has been working on the project for 20 years and is currently testing the system on a modified Nissan Sentra LEC that uses parallel-linked electric motors directly driving the front wheels.

The motors are fed by power from the high output Waste Energy Generator (WEG) which initiates a complex reaction to convert organic material into raw carbon and, subsequently, electricity. The reaction generates up to 160 Kilowatts of power, the only byproduct of which is oxygen.

It's still early in the testing phase, but Kuson-Yu says the tests have been promising, yielding up to 90 kilometers for about every kilogram of material. “The range and power of my Sentra varies with the carbon content in the material; the higher the concentration, the better” states Kuson-Yu.

Click here if you want to see more photos and the video of the car in action.