Effective starting April 1 next year

It may be time to unlearn what you know about navigating our expressways because a major change is being evaluated for a trial run starting April 1, 2024.

The group Proactive Automotorists Philippines, Inc. (PAPI) are urging operators of major expressways in the country make an official change with tollways. What they're pushing for is the Fastlane Format System (FFS) which aims to decongest traffic and streamline the flow of vehicles in all thoroughfares.

The FFS proposal basically turns everything to the opposite. The existing overtaking lane at the leftmost side is now designated for slow-moving vehicles, or those doing well under 80 km/h. The middle lane, as it was, will still be for fast-moving vehicles, or those doing close to 100 km/h. But on the other hand, the rightmost lane will be used by overtaking vehicles, where they can go over the 100 km/h speed limit, but only during overtaking instances.

PAPI says that FFS makes it easier for motorists to understand the new lane system. The left lane is FAST lane, middle lane is FASTER lane, and the rightmost lane is the FASTEST.

VCP EDITING Motorist group pushing to officially move overtaking to right side image

For decades, motorists in the Philippines have already been observing this as many slower motorists and inexperienced drivers are staying on the leftmost lane. This in turn has prompted other motorists to move to the middle or right lane to overtake. PAPI just wants to make it legit and official because it is very much a violation under current rules. 

After a brief chat with their spokesperson Cam O. Tee, his answer was very simple: “A lot of motorists like to hog the previous overtaking lane, and the rightmost lane is always the least congested whenever there are traffic buildups. That's why we're pushing to move the overtaking lane to the right. This should also make our patrol officers' jobs easier if we legalize it."