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Jose's love for cars all began in grade school when his uncle introduced him to that famous street racing movie back in 2001. He has since taken a strong following to all things JDM - particularly the Skyline GT-R. He is well versed with aftermarket trends as well as being heavily involved in the local car community. You'll most likely catch him hanging out at a meet or hitting the track.

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Porsche laps the Nordschleife in 6:56.4 in with the 991.2 GT3 RS

posted April 23, 2018 13:01 by Jose Altoveros
Porsche 911 GT3 RS faster than 918 Spyder around the Nurburgring image

Images of Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury leaked ahead of its official debut

posted April 23, 2018 11:30 by Jose Altoveros
Leaked: Maybach's SUV concept looks like a high-riding sedan image

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept is a luxury saloon combined with an SUV

posted April 20, 2018 14:55 by Jose Altoveros
Mercedes-Maybach concept combines luxury and SUV ruggedness image

Brabham Automotive BT26 teased ahead of debut on May 2, limited to 70 units and is powered by 5.4-liter V8

posted April 20, 2018 12:05 by Jose Altoveros
Brabham Automotive's upcoming BT26 packs a powerful V8 punch image

Volkswagen introduces most powerful version of the Amarok, fitted with a V6 that produces 258 PS

posted April 20, 2018 09:23 by Jose Altoveros
Volkswagen unleashes most powerful variant of the Amarok yet image


We list down the things on what you should and shouldn't do when your brakes fail as well as how to prevent it from happening

posted August 10, 2017 11:58 by Jose Altoveros
Brake failure: What you should and shouldn't do image

We list down ten of the most dangerous fake modifications you can use on your vehicle

posted July 27, 2017 14:44 by Jose Altoveros
Fake Parts Break Hearts: 10 mods you should never compromise on image

The logic is simple: a Type R is a Civic after all

posted March 20, 2018 15:54 by Jose Altoveros
Man tells wife they're buying a 2018 Honda Civic, but it was really a Type R image

We get the low down of what your car's engine control unit (ECU) does, and how it came to be

posted October 04, 2017 10:42 by Jose Altoveros
Automotive 101: What exactly does the computer box in your car compute? image

2018 Nissan Terra SUV revealed, confirmed for global debut

posted February 26, 2018 11:06 by Jose Altoveros
Nissan Terra to shake up the PPV market image