Given the frequency of accidents happening in the country as of late, Volkswagen Philippines will be launching a new campaign to further promote child safety, called 'Steps to Safety'. The campaign will launched at the Robinsons Magnolia Mall on May 20. 'Steps to Safety' will not be the first child safety campaign however, as they have launched a previous version of it before.

Their original campaign, Child Safety Initiative (CSI), was launched back in April of 2015, which focused on increasing awareness and imparts valuable lessons towards preparing the kids—along with their parents—to become responsible adult road users. The soon to be launched campaign meanwhile will introduce new programs such as the Junior Driving Course and the new Steps to Safety module, which have been designed primarily for older children module.

Volkswagen PH to launch new 'Steps to Safety' campaign

For the Junior Driving Course, participants will have to navigate a miniature simulated roadway within a community, complete with road signs, stoplights, and Volkswagen push cars for kids 4 to 8 years old. Those that 'graduate; from the Junior Driving Course meanwhile will move to the Steps to Safety module. As for the practical application of the module, it will be conducted with the use of a virtual reality game app developed for Volkswagen Philippines.

Volkswagen Philippines’ upgraded CSI campaign is in line with the German automaker’s global CSI strategy geared towards upholding the two pillars of road safety: Preventing road mishaps through educating parents and kids about possible dangers on the road.