Toyota Vios is still the undisputed best-selling car in the Philippines in 2023, by far

The Philippine auto industry performed beyond expectations in 2023 and is well on its way toward the goal of 500,000 units with 441,408 vehicles sold by nearly 50 global automotive brands.

On the backdrop of a bright economy and high demand for mobility solutions such as cars, MPVs, pickups, and SUVs, the Philippine auto industry very well exceeded the 423,000 units sales forecast by CAMPI for 2023.

At this point, it's probably no surprise that Toyota has again dominated the top ten. The country's top-selling automaker once again got eight of their models on the list. Another thing that wouldn't surprise anyone is the car that sits at the top of the chart.

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If you still haven't guessed, that's the Toyota Vios. Last year, 37,971 units of the subcompact sedan were sold. The number has improved from 34,465 units sold in 2022. The Toyota Hilux is still in second place with 25,928 units sold. Snatching third was the Mitsubishi Mirage G4, which sold 23,400 units.

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Also slotting into 4th to break the Toyota Top 5 streak was the Mitsubishi Xpander, which sold a total of 22,509 units. This comes as no surprise, as Mitsubishi Motors improved their sales significantly in 2023.

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Continued demand for small crossovers saw the Raize climb up to the Top 5 with 17,504 units sold, improving on its 13,279 unit sales mark in 2022.

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What Filipinos like to do is travel together, people movers like the Innova are still strong performers. The nameplate sold 16,728 units in 2023 and is ranked 6th.

People are just van-crazy in the Philippines. Toyota sold 15,017 units of the Hiace with a long waitlist still at dealers for the Super Grandia. The Toyota Hiace placed 7th in 2023.

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Demand for small cars for personal mobility remained strong as the Wigo sold 14,676 units to take 8th.

The Toyota Fortuner may still be a desirable PPV SUV in the market, however, higher pricing and new competition has trimmed down sales to 13,971 units in 2023 from its 16,925 unit performance in 2022. The Fortuner ranks 9th.

10 best-selling cars of 2023 in the Philippines image

Rounding up the Top 10 best-selling nameplates in the country is the Toyota Veloz, which sold 13,672 units. The Veloz was also recognized as our 2022 Editor's Pick - People Mover.

Worth noting also this year was 13,672 was the minimum number that made it to the Top 10.

What dropped out of the Top 10 last year were the Nissan Navara and Toyota Rush. Both of these are aging models that need to be replaced soon to be competitive in the market. The new Ford Ranger as well as the "immortal" Mitsubishi L300, while making it to the 13,000 unit mark, missed the cut this year.

With 2023 signaling the real start of recovery for the economy and the auto industry, we are quite excited to see what 2024 holds and who will figure in the Top 10 this year.