The Philippine National Police is getting quite the upgrade in their respective motor pools. It started off with the Mitsubishi Montero Sport and now, our boys in blue will be getting a fleet of new Hyundais. A total of 130 units were donated by the South Korean Government to the PNP.

130 Hyundai cars and vans don their police uniforms

So what will the PNP be using for their patrols? Aside from the Montero Sport SUVs you already see roaming the nation, another 49 Elantras and 81 Starex vans will soon hit the streets. There are even unmarked units for the Starex police vans in the mix. These vehicles will have different roles and assignments in the coming weeks, ranging from detective duties, to mobile command stations.

According to Philippine National Police Chief Director General Oscar Albayalde, the cars will be distributed throughout various agencies such as the Directorate for Investigation and Detection Management, Criminal Investigation and Detective Group, Anti-Kidnapping Group, Anti-Cybercrime Group, and National Capital Region Police (NCRPO).

130 Hyundai cars and vans don their police uniforms

Provincial stations will also get their Hyundai patrol vehicles soon as well. City police offices of Angeles, Cebu, Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue, Davao and Baguio will get a slew of Hyundai police vehicles as, according to Albayalde, large Korean communities have been established there.

Unlike the police vehicles of the past, the Hyundai fleet will be assigned to an individual police officer. Albayalde says that this new way of fleet management will avoid incidents of patrol vehicle use and encourage officers to take car of the units.