July 30, 2013 marked the 150th birth anniversary of Henry Ford. People around the world join the celebration of his life and contribution through events. Such commemoration includes the Ford Heritage month in Asia Pacific markets, road rallies by Ford Germany, community events by Ford Romania, and the unveiling of a restored Henry Ford statue at the Ford UK Tech Centre.

The Michigan-born American innovator is the leading figure that introduced the automobile into the mass market.  Ford Motor Company saw success when it launched the Model T in October 1908 and sold over 15 million units. Having innovated the moving assembly line, Ford was able to efficiently produce vehicles in the plant. Moreover, plant production was improved by doubling the worker salary and vertically integrating its operation.

Ford died on April 7, 1947 at age 83. Despite being gone for about 6 decades already, his legacy continues today. Ford Motor Company reflects that spirit of innovation through vehicles like the F-150, Mustang, and Fusion Hybrid.