It looks like Cebuanos living in Cebu City will now able to travel with ease along the southern part of the city after the Department of Public Works and Highways recently finished work on a new underpass.

Located at the intersection of N. Bacalso and F. Llamas, the new two-lane underpass has not only increased traffic capacity, but it also eased up traffic congestion along the major choke point.

According to the DPWH, the area has a peak daily traffic of 40,000 vehicles on Mondays and weekends. With the completion of the new underpass, the gov’t agency claimed that over 20,000 motorists now benefit from the new crossing.

In fact, several commuters have expressed their gratitude days after the DPWH opened the new underpass. Chiese Basilico, a public school teacher, said that vehicles would get stuck in traffic before due to the jeeps that constantly unload passengers along the way. But with the new interchange now open, there is now a better flow of vehicles in the area.

Cebu City underpass image

Also expressing her thanks was Cenica Lumod, a college student who frequents the area. “With the project now complete, traffic flow is no longer bumper to bumper. Private cars now go down the underpass while PUJs stay above theservice road,” she added.

According to DPWH Region 7 Director Edgar Tabacon, the entire project cost Php 724 million and included the construction of the following: service road, transition approaches, drainage facilities with pumping station, curb & gutter provision, sidewalk, parapets, pavement markings, and traffic signages.

For DPWH Secretary Mark Villar, he is thankful that the people were able to patiently wait, as well as understand as to why it took them so long to finish it.

“We in the DPWH would like to thank the people of Cebu for their understanding and patience during the construction of this high-impact project. The convenience brought by this underpass wouldn’t have been possible without your support,” said Villar.