Honda Motor Co., Ltd. recently announced a voluntary safety recall of some Honda Fit (Jazz in the Philippines) and City models to replace lost motion springs and retainers with countermeasure parts.

Consequently, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) would like to inform its customers that a total of 5,468 units of combined 1.5 liter Honda Jazz and 1.5 liter Honda City, distributed from September 2008 to April 2010, are included in the safety measure.

Findings show that the high surface pressure between the lost motion spring retainers and rocker arm slippers results to increased retainer movement that might lead to spring breakage. The broken spring will then come into contact with other moving parts within the cylinder head and this will initially produce noise and in worst case, may cause engine to stall. No crashes or injuries have been reported related to this defect. With the total safety of Honda vehicle users as priority at all times, HCPI is taking this voluntary safety recall to replace lost motion springs and retainer parts of affected units.

Jazz and City models with the following frame numbers are included in the voluntary recall:

1.5 Jazz
2009 Frame Numbers MRHGE88509P030004 - MRHGE88509P031145 (1,142 units)

2010 Frame Numbers MRHGE8850AP030001 - MRHGE8850AP030480 (479 units)

1.5 City
2009 Frame Numbers PADGM26509V900006 - PADGM26509V900013 (8 units)
Frame Numbers PADGM26509V000001 - PADGM26509V003690 (3,689 units)

2010 Frame Numbers PADGM2650AV103691 - PADGM2650AV103840 (150 units)

Letters of notice will be sent to concerned Jazz and City owners starting February 21, 2011. To conduct the voluntary recall in an orderly manner, customers are requested to call their respective dealers or the Honda Hotline at 1-800-1000-Honda (46632) or (02) 857-7240 and visit our website,, for inquiries and details of scheduling. Replacement of affected parts will be carried out in all 28 authorized dealers and 3 service centers nationwide, free of charge.

Owners of Jazz and City models not included in the list above have no reason to worry since the affected parts are of different specifications. Other Honda models such as the Civic, Accord, CR-V, Pilot, Odyssey and HR-V sold and distributed by Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. are likewise not affected.