Jaguar took the New York International Auto Show as the best opportunity to reveal the mildly redesigned versions of the XF sport sedan and the XK sports car.

The XK has been updated with significant changes for the new model year with a new front look as well as a rear end redesign, giving the XF a fresher and sportier look, the most notable of which are new headlamps of the XK that have new LED strips running along the base. The XKR-S was also at the show, a model that has 550 horsepower and a much more aggressive bodykit and with a rear wing.

Jaguar's midsize entry, the XF, has also been given a reworked look, bringing it more in line with the CX-F concept a few years back with a set of slimmer, more streamlined pair of headlamps. The new headlight designs also came with a new hood, and were matched with a more upright front bumper design.