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2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge commences, PH on class pole


Racing from Darwin to Adelaide

Driving Sikat II and racing in the Adventure class of the World Solar Challenge, the DLSU engineering team was able to complete a lap of the Hidden Valley Raceway at 2:30.53 seconds, nearly 2 and a half seconds ahead of the 2nd placed Australian team in the same category.

The World Solar Challenge commenced today at Darwin in Australia.There are three classes in the World Solar Challenge: the Challenger Class, the Cruiser Class, and the Adventure Class.


The Challenger cars are the fastest of the pack with pole position taken by Team Arrow with a qualifying time of 2:00.10. The Cruiser Class pole position was taken by Solar Team Eindhoven with a time of 2:05.01.

As stated, the pole position for the Adventure Class was taken by Team SIKAT Solar Philippines with a time of 2:30.53, besting the category composed of 8 teams.

Team SIKAT Solar Philippines received some training and tips from JP Tuason of the Tuason Racing School on how to tackle and unfamiliar circuit for qualifying as part of their preparations for the challenge.

The World Solar Challenge takes place from today (October 6) until Friday (October 11) and will span 3,021 kilometers north to south from Darwin to Adelaide.

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