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2013 MIAS Preview: Hyundai Philippines to roll out 2 new cars and 1 concept


Care to venture a guess as to what they are?

During a lunch with Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. President Ms. Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo, she revealed that HARI will be unveiling 3 models at the upcoming Manila International Auto Show, 2 of which are production cars while the other one will be a concept.

Hyundai is still hush-hush about what exactly the cars will be, but if we were to venture a couple guesses, they might be looking at several European-market models. Of particular interest is the Hyundai i30 (either as the hatchback or as the wagon/tourer model) which would open up a wagon category in the C-segment, as well as the new subcompact i20 hatchback which would compete against the Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz, Ford Fiesta and the like.

The likely concept that Hyundai could showcase at MIAS could be HCD-14, which will foreshadow the shape of the upcoming Genesis. The HCD-14 Genesis concept made its world debut at its primary market, breaking cover at the 2013 North American International Auto Show (otherwise known as the Detroit Auto Show) last month. The Philippines has been one of the first markets to receive the Genesis premium sedan in the latter half of 2008.


Again, these are guesses, so we'll have to wait until we get to the 2013 Manila International Auto Show when it opens its doors at the World Trade Center Manila in April.

Also, on a separate note, Hyundai is also looking into the Sonata Hybrid should Senate Bill 2856, otherwise known as the Alternative Fuel Vehicles Incentives Act, finally be signed into law.

If there's one thing Hyundai Philippines - under the leadership of Agudo - has been excellent at, it's bringing in one new model after another with impeccable timing. The Hyundai Tucson was launched in late 2009, followed suit by the Accent in 2010 and the Hyundai Elantra in 2011. The Elantra garnered various Car Of The Year awards around the world including the Philippines through the Car Awards Group, Inc.

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