Porsche proudly unveiled its third generation Cayman at the currently ongoing Los Angeles Auto Show. The new Cayman aims once more to set the class benchmark for driving performance with its longer wheelbase, all-new chassis, and lower center of gravity making this mid-engine sports coupe even more dynamic.

Prominent styling on the Cayman is the shoulder line, which starts on the wheel arches, flaring strongly upwards towards the rear side panels. The dynamic recesses in the doors guides induction air into the distinctive scoops on the rear side panels to flow directly to the engine.

What's unique about the design of the Cayman is the rear boot-lid made of aluminum and the rear section with its wrap-around edges. At the upper edge of the rear window, an LED brake light spanning the entire width of the glass is installed for higher visibility. Mounted directly to the tailgate is the thin blade of the rear spoiler, which - in contrast to that of the Boxster - is higher and deploys at a steeper angle.

The new Cayman is up to 30 kg lighter than the prior model(depending on the specific version and equipment) and offers up to 15% greater fuel efficiency- despite its increased engine output and driving performance.


Porsche offers two exceptional flat six boxer engines in the Cayman, a 275 hp 2.7-liter and 325hp 3.4-liter, which both combine ample torque with high power in the upper engine rev range. The new Cayman employs a six-speed manual transmission as standard but offers the seven-speed double clutch PDK as an option. It now has Electro-mechanical power steering which replaced the previous hydraulic system of the Cayman to give the driver direct feedback via the steering wheel but filters out negative or unnecessary 'noise'.

The all-new 2013 Porsche Cayman is now on sale with deliveries expected first quarter next year with prices starting at £39,694 for the regular model and £48,783 for the 325hp Cayman S.