Much buzz is about with BMW, particularly BMW M, as the German automaker is set to make a pair of world premieres at the Detroit Motor Show (otherwise known as the North American International Auto Show) next year: the all new BMW M3 Sedan based on the F30 3 Series as well as an M4 to be based on the new 4 Series.

Friedrich Nitschke, the managing director of BMW M GmbH, told Motor Trend that the new M3 and M4 will make their debuts in Detroit, featuring new engines will combine the best high-rev features of a naturally aspirated engine with the torque of a turbo. Power and torque figures are still unconfirmed, but it is expected that the next generation models are going to be faster despite the smaller engines: a twin-turbo six-cylinder motor that will reportedly make about 456 PS and 550 Nm of torque.


The segregation of the 3 Series and 4 Series (Sedan and Coupe/Convertible, respectively) has generated much discussion online about BMW's new direction, particularly in the sense that the M3 will be a super sedan only and the M4 assuming the super coupe's duties.

Elsewhere, BMW gave the world the first preview of the upcoming M4 in the form of a 4-Series Coupe with M Performance Parts. The upgrades fitted to the BMW 435i Coupe enhance the aggressive look of the new 4 Series, and further foreshadows what the M4 would actually look like.

SOURCES: BMW, Motor Trend