While the 2014 BMW M4 has yet to debut, it was confirmed that it will be included in the just released Gran Turismo 6 title on the Sony Playstation. BMW has lent the car to Polyphony Digital, the developers for digitizing and rendering its real-life effects for the driving simulator game on the console.

BMW M4 Gran Turismo 6

The car made its first public appearance albeit still in camouflaged form (as it has yet to make its official debut) at the two-day launch of Gran Turismo 6 in Ronda and at the Ascari Circuit in Spain. The much-anticipated M Performance version of BMW’s 4-Series Coupe was paraded around the circuit with Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi riding shotgun.

The BMW M4 Concept made its debut last August in Pebble Beach. No announcement has been made as to when the car will make its official debut, rumors have been pointing to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month as its World Debut stage.