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2014 Isuzu MU-X makes global debut in Thailand


New MU-X SUV boasts of premium and luxurious features

The new 2014 Isuzu MU-X SUV made its global debut in Thailand, the long-awaited successor to the MU-7 or the Alterra in the Philippines. Isuzu is touting the new MU-X to raise the benchmark with in its segment with premium features normally found in European luxury vehicles.

The MU-X/Alterra is built on a shared platform with the Chevrolet Trailblazer.

The Japanese automaker calls their newly released vehicle an ‘engineering marvel’ according to the press release and claims that the ‘MU-X’ nameplate comes from words ‘mysterious utility’ for ‘MU’; while ‘X’ stands for ‘exemplary, extraordinary and exotic’.


The MU-X follows the overall shape of the Trailblazer with the general exterior styling of the new D-Max pasted over it to give it an Isuzu character. It also features a class-leading 0.4Cd aerodynamic body. Isuzu is boasting of its ‘Super Daylight’ LED daytime running lights as a premium exterior feature commonly found in European vehicles. The interior will follow the general styling of the D-Max called ‘Isuzu Universal Design’. A ‘One Action’ system allows for easy configuration of the second and third row seats with a single touch of a finger.

The Thai release is powered by the VGS versions of its 3.0-liter and 2.5-liter ‘Super Commonrail’ powerplants. The engines churn out 177 PS and 136 PS, respectively. The Philippine release will most likely follow the same powertrain options for the recently debuted D-Max which features non VGS versions of the said engines, thereby producing significantly less power.

The MU-X features a new suspension layout compared to its predecessor as it is now equipped with a fully independent suspension with coil-springs on all 4-wheels and a 5-link rear suspension which aims to ‘deliver excellent vehicle stability and traction while giving a smooth ride’. Isuzu has also chosen to equip their new SUV with disc brakes on all 4 wheels.

For safety, the MU-X is equipped with an Electronic Stability Control (ECS) feature and Traction Control System (TCS) to improve vehicle stability and prevent wheel spin.

According to reliable sources, the next-generation Isuzu Alterra will arrive in Philippine shores by 2014. A likely launch venue would be the 5th Philippine International Motor Show.

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