Suzuki Thailand launched the all-new Celerio, a passenger car with “world class quality for exporting to Asia and Europe,” the automaker said in a press release.

Suzuki says the Celerio is the company’s second eco-car that comes with three distinctive highlights: spacious passenger cabin, high performance and energy efficiency.

Present during the launch of the new Celerio is Takayuki Sugiyamasaid, President of Suzuki Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.

“It’s been over 100 years that Suzuki has committed to inventing technologies, engineering and innovations. In Thailand, Suzuki has seen continuing growth and stability while being accepted by domestic customers throughout the previous years. This was reflected by Suzuki’s growth of more than 200% during the past years despite the negative factors causing volatile market all the time,” Sugiyamasaid said.

“The all-new Suzuki Celerio is our second eco-car produced in Thailand at our factory in Rayong; it represents the culmination of Suzuki’s know how as an expert in compact cars.  This new model sets new standard in the eco-car and passenger car markets by delivering happiness, enjoyment and excitement to all way of life,” Sugiyama added.

The all-new Suzuki Celerio

The automaker says the vehicle is specially designed for office workers and students who have never owned a car before.

In developing the design for the Celerio, Suzuki engineers and experts considered the needs of drivers to be able to meet their demands. With this, they incorporate the design concept of “using pleasure” and “driving pleasure”.

“Teams of engineers and experts at Suzuki take into account the needs of drivers in automobile market for customers who feel that their demands have not yet been met, in terms of design, utility and energy efficiency,” said Chief engineer, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan, Shigeki Suzuki.

Suzuki says the Celerio has more head along with extra leg room. The automaker also claims that the luggage space comes with larger capacity than expected.

It is powered by a K10 1.0-liter engine with a fuel consumption rate of more than 20 km/l.