Toyota Motor Philippines has formally launched the revised Toyota Innova in the country, marking the third time that the country's best selling commercial vehicle has been given a redesign.

The Innova, having been on sale since 2005, has been refreshed time and again; a testament to the forward looking engineering of Toyota's R&D.

2014 Toyota Innova front

The 2014 Toyota Innova features a thorough design upgrade, featuring a larger and prouder front grille and a revised lower bumper. The rear has also been updated with a revised tailgate, most notably a garnish that somewhat resembles the new Toyota 'flash' design.

2014 Toyota Innova interior

Inside, the new model gets a revised center console and new trim pieces. Toyota has maintained the variants of the Innova with the Innova J (base), the Innova E (midrange), the Innova G (high range) and the Innova V (top spec). The J, E and G models have 7 seats in 2-3-2 format while the V models have seating for 6 persons, as the middle row is occupied by a pair of captain's seats.

Mechanically, the Innova features the same engines as before: a 2.5 liter D-4D turbodiesel and a 2.0 liter VVT-i gasoline engine. Transmission choices remain as either the 5-speed manual or the 4-speed automatic.

Below are the variants of the 2014 Toyota Innova, now available in dealers. The prices below are for the standard colors: Super White II, Silver Metallic, Gray Metallic, Dark Brown Mica Metallic, Red Mica Metallic and Black. Customers who opt for the White Pearl will have to add another PhP 15,000 for the V and G grades.

2014 Toyota Innova rear

Diesel range:

2014 Toyota Innova 2.5V D-4D 4-AT - PhP 1,261,000

2014 Toyota Innova 2.5G D-4D 4-AT - PhP 1,178,000

2014 Toyota Innova 2.5G D-4D 5-MT - PhP 1,113,000

2014 Toyota Innova 2.5E D-4D 4-AT - PhP 1,062,000

2014 Toyota Innova 2.5E D-4D 5-MT - PhP 997,000

2014 Toyota Innova 2.5J D-4D 5-MT - PhP 887,000

Gasoline range:

2014 Toyota Innova 2.0V VVT-i 4-AT - PhP 1,206,000

2014 Toyota Innova 2.0G VVT-i 4-AT - PhP 1,123,000

2014 Toyota Innova 2.0G VVT-i 5-MT - PhP 1,058,000

2014 Toyota Innova 2.0E VVT-i 4-AT - PhP 1,007,000

2014 Toyota Innova 2.0E VVT-i 5-MT - PhP 942,000

2014 Toyota Innova 2.0J VVT-i 5-MT - PhP 832,000