With just two weeks to go before the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, Audi teased the front end of the 2015 R8 which has been fitted with the company's laser headlights as standard.

From the image itself, the overall headlight design bears some resemblance to the new TT that the company first debuted during the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

Over to the laser headlights, each unit consist of 37 LEDs that work with a laser module and four high intensity laser diodes. The module combines the four blue light laser beams and makes them appear white via a phosphor converter. As a way of distinguishing the laser headlights from the rest, the company stated that the units will still emit a signature blue light.

The German automaker added that the unit can be equipped with the optional laser high beam lighting module that can provide twice the illuminating range compared to standard LED lighting.

The company has yet to release the exact technical specifications of the 2015 Audi R8.

Audi first made use of this lighting technology on their LMP1 R18 e-tron quattro which debuted at the 24 Hours of Le Mans last year and on the limited edition R8 LMX.