Columbian Autocar Corporation, the official distributor of Kia in the Philippines, has just launched their newest compact, the all-new Forte. Kia PH will be bringing in three body styles for the Forte: The 4-door sedan, 5-door hatchback and the Koup, the 2-door version of the Forte.

“The three Forte variants relate to different markets but at the end of the day, they all carry the renowned Kia name and with it is a guarantee of refreshing interiors, compelling styles, and powerful road performance. The all-new Forte truly exudes a dynamic presence on the road and we can’t wait for everyone to try a different driving experience aboard any of the three Forte variants.” said Ginia R. Domingo, president of Columbian Autocar Corporation.

Forte Sedan

The all-new Forte lineup starts with the sedan. It features Kia's latest technology for electronic power steering systems. Called the FlexSteer system, the Forte's electronic power steering can be adjusted in three modes. Those who will drive the car can choose between Comfort, Normal and Sport, each with varying degrees of steering assistance. The FlexSteer system is also available on the rest of the Forte line-up The Forte sedan is powered by a 1.6 liter Gamma engine which puts out 130 PS and 157 Nm of torque.

Forte Hatchback

For the 5-door hatchback, Kia says it is best suited for those with “a lifestyle that demands action and function.” thanks to its hatchback practicality and styling. The hatchback gets more features and an upgraded interior which is trimmed in leather. The Forte hatchback also gets an infotainment system with advanced multimedia capabilities. The hatchback also gets a more powerful 2.0 liter NU engine which produces 161 PS and 194 Nm of torque.

Forte Koup

Rounding up the all-new Forte lineup is the Koup. Apart from sporting two doors, the Koup gets distinct styling treatments which includes a more rakish rear windshield, frameless doors and 17-inch alloy wheels. Inside, the Forte Koup gets dual zone full auto climate control and a state-of-the-art entertainment panel with rear view camera. Like the hatchback, the Forte Koup is powered by the 2.0 liter NU engine with 161 PS and 194 Nm of torque.

Prices for the all-new Kia Forte are as follows:

Kia Forte 1.6 EX 6-A/T sedan:          PHP 965,000

Kia Forte 2.0 SX 6-A/T hatchback:   PHP 1,190,000

Kia Forte Koup 2.0 EX 6-A/T:            PHP 1,090,000