Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI) has formally launched the 2015 NV350 Urvan at the Marriott Hotel in Pasay City.

According to NPI, the 2015 NV350 Urvan is designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, shuttle operators, and family users. With this, Nissan has given the 5th generation Urvan a complete design overhaul both inside and out.

The 2015 Nissan NV350 Urvan

In terms of the exterior, the 2015 NV350 Urvan gets a sharper-looking halogen headlights, a revamped grill and a larger bumper. Turning at the side, the vehicle is fitted with new character lines as well as a redesigned exterior mirrors and a restyled side window.

The 2015 Nissan NV350 Urvan

The design changes continues to be seen at the rear as the 2015 NV350 Urvan is equipped with new distinctive taillights, a refreshed bumper and a chrome emblem. The vehicle also has a third brake light and it is finished off with 15-inch wheels.

The interior of the 2015 NV350 Urvan features an improved air-conditioning design for passenger ride comfort. According to NPI, the rear cabin of the vehicle is integrated with individual vents mounted on the ceiling. NPI claims that the 2015 NV350 Urvan comes with an extra legroom and elbow room due to the redesigned interior space. In addition, the steering wheel features a moveable range for tilt, while the driver’s seat allows him to adjust the extent of the slide distance.

In terms of technology, the vehicle features a load-sensing valve that provides reliable braking power. It also has a shift indicator on the dashboard which gives visual cues to the driver when to shift.

The 2015 Nissan NV350 Urvan

The 2015 NV350 Urvan is powered by a 2.5-liter diesel engine that delivers 129 PS at 3200rpm and 356 Nm of torque between 1400 to 2000rpm. The enigne is mated to a five-speed manual transmission.

It will come in standard colors of Brilliant Silver and Alpine White. Special colors such as Precision Grey, Black Obsidian and Tiger Eye Brown can also be arranged for delivery, with a three month lead time.

During the event, NPI President and Managing Director Antonio Zara said that the company is conservatively looking to sell about 3,500 to 4,000 units for a full-year period.

The 2015 NV350 Urvan will be made available starting June 15, in the following configurations and pricing:

15-seater             PhP 1.183 million

18-seater             PhP 1.196 million

3-seater cargo    PhP 1.177 million