Smart has officially debut their new generation of Smart cars; the ForTwo and ForFour with their recent video release (posted below).

Both models now feature a honeycomb design-inspired front grille and also include trim options for the color of the radiator that can match or contrast with the body panels like Black, Cool Silver and White.

The hood now stands higher, in part of the newer “One and a half Box” instead of the old “One Box” design, providing which according to Smart, gives the new generation “a more grown-up and sportier character”.

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The official body dimensions of the new Smart Car measures at 2,690mm in length, 1,660mm in width and 1,550mm in height; with the ForFour measuring longer at 3,490mm in length.

The front square headlamp has been made shorter near the top, producing a sporty look along with the U-shaped daytime running headlamps. A nifty feature of the headlamp is that lights pulsate after unlocking the door, as if greeting the owner.

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It now has short overhangs and a wider track of 100mm for both models, making the tires position further outward, giving it a better characteristic in terms of handling and visibility.

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The interior of the vehicle features the “Loop” design. The dashboard has two sections, an outer section that can be covered in fabric and an inner concave section that contains all of the instrumentation. The instrument binnacle and the infotainment center is design as if it was floating in front of the dashboard.

The instrument and warning cluster appear reminiscent of the older generation, but sports a new look. A scale with the aid of a small magnifying glass can manipulate the centrally positioned air conditioning controls. The honeycomb design from the outside is also brought into the interior, encompassing the loudspeaker and tweeter.

Two new all-aluminum  engine options are available, a 1.0L three-cylinder NA engine that generates 72PS and a torque rating of 92Nm and a 0.9L three-cylinder turbo-charged unit producing 91PS and a healthy torque pull of 135Nm.

The new turbocharger system has now an electronically controlled waste gate that can help in lessening fuel consumption.  Transmission options for the car feature a 5-speed manual gearbox and a 6-speed dual clutch transmission in changing gears.

The new Smart ForTwo will be priced in Europe at 11,000 euros (around PHP 648,000) while the ForFour will be priced at 600 euros high (about PHP 683,000).