Customized rides, highly-modified cars and hot models will be present once again at the Manila Parkwing section of Harbor Point Ayala Mall as the 2015 Subic Auto Show is set to take place on April 11, 2015, 3:00 PM.

Hosted this year by Passion Creatives, the 6th Subic Bay Auto Show will not only host the usual display of wicked rides and gorgeous eye-candy, the event will also be holding the Tire Change Challenge where speed, precision and teamwork will be key factors in the winning the competition.

Other competitions that will take place during the event include Kicker Audio's Sound Off Challenge and Ms. Subic Bay Auto Show where 10 aspiring car show models will face off for the title.

Beyond that, top-notch tattoo artists are also invited for the 2015 Subic Bay Auto Show wherein they'll compete in the event's Stop The Hate 4 Tattoo Competition.

Furthermore, categories that can be won in this year's Subic Bay Auto Show include Best Sport Truck, Best in Engine Display, Best Bodykits, Best Old School Car, Best Car Club, Best Shop, Loudest Car and the coveted award of them all, Best in Show.

Each ticket costs PhP 70 while the Registration Fee for Street and Pro vehicles is rated at PhP 1500.