After debuting at this year's North American International Auto Show, Acura recently released additional technical details of the 2016 NSX hybrid supercar.

For starters, its ultra-high-strength steel A-pillars were 3D-formed which is an industry first according to Acura. Besides providing a more rigid structure in an event of a crash, they now also provide better visibility as claimed by the automaker.

A top-view of the Acura NSX's chassis

Its aluminum space frame on the other hand combines a plethora of materials and composites such as high-strength steel paired with a carbon fiber floor, enabling the automaker to come up with a lightweight yet firm chassis. It also has shorter stitch welds which cuts down on metal deformation caused by the welding process.

Powertrain-wise, Acura has confirmed that the twin-turbo V6 unit displaces 3.5-liters and will get the latest in cooling technology as it has three individual radiators, ten air-cooled heat exchangers and dual intercoolers. The first radiator centrally installed while the other two are located on the side of engine.

The rear design of the all-new Acura NSX

The heat exchangers on the other hand are responsible for ventilating all of the major components of the powertrain; the front electric motors, the V6 engine, the rear-drive electric motor and the 9-speed dual clutch gearbox. Over to the dual intercoolers, the automaker placed them in the signature side intakes which according to Acura, help provide additional downforce without having the need to use aero kits or wings.

Acura has yet to provide the exact power output of the hybrid supercar.