Mark your calendars as FOTON Philippines will be holding a two-day carnival-themed festivity dubbed as the FOTON MOTO FAIR on June 1 and 2, 2016 at The Megatent Events Venue, Libis, Quezon City.

The first day’s early part will be a thanksgiving celebration for Foton’s clients and partners under the Heavy Business Group – the company which handles the brand’s heavy duty trucks and heavy machineries.

“We aim not just to increase our sales. We aim for a stronger relationship with our present and futureclients, as well. We want them to feel how much we value their trust and commitment to our brand, because definitely, it’s what keeps us growing.” said Foton Philippines VP/GM for Heavy Business Group Ms. Delia Del Mundo.

After that, loads of activities await participants as they are given the chance to revel in Foton’s line of passenger vehicles including its vans, pick-up truck and SUV on extreme test-drive tracks.

Other vehicles that will be present are the brand’s lineup of heavy machineries, light duty trucks and other industrial vehicles. They are not only for display as Foton will also be having several test units of the said vehicles. There will also be a dance number that will be performed by a Foton Wheel Loader.

Special deals, promos and discounts can also be availed during the two day event.

“Since we started our operations, our aim has always been to empower the Filipino businesses, large- or small-scale, through our excellent products and services particularly designed to provide convenience, reliability and affordability at their finest. Because of our clients’ patronage, we are able to reach that goal. We are holding the Foton Moto Fair because we want to give back.” adds Del Mundo.

The event is for FREE so start inviting your friends and family to visit the most-awaited Foton Moto Fair on June 1 and 2, from 9:00 am ‘til 7:00 in the evening.