The all-new 2016 Jaguar XF is off to a rousing start after being officially revealed through a three-minute, high-wire crossing of the Canary Wharf in London.

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"Over my 35 years in the industry I've driven Jaguar vehicles on many Hollywood movie sets. However, the biggest test for me on this stunt was the unpredictability of the elements. Potential oscillation in the high-wires from wind speeds meant it added a real challenge. The wires are only 34mm in diameter so the journey required absolute precision, balance and control" said, Jim Dowdell, expert stuntman.

Footage of the drive can be viewed at

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Now lighter than ever before, the all-new XF features an advanced aluminum-intensive architecture making it possible for this stunt to happen.  75% of the vehicle is made of aluminum allowing it to cut 132 pounds on rear-wheel drive models and 265 pounds on all-wheel drive models and this is all while increasing torsional stiffness.

Despite being shorter and set lower than the previous model, the all-new XF uses a much longer wheelbase in order to give passengers a more spacious cabin.

Two 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engines will be available.  One puts out 345PS and the other has 385PS.  Both have 450 Nm of pulling power and are matched exclusively to eight-speed automatic transmissions.

It is held up by a front double wishbone and rear Integral Link suspension with advanced passive damper technology and Adaptive Dynamics system that determines the optimum damper settings for the driving conditions.

For increased handling and traction, the all-new XF comes with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) and All-Surface Progress Control system, developed for low-speed driving in adverse conditions. This system is designed to automatically manage the brakes and the throttle to deliver additional traction, enabling the car to pull away smoothly in low-grip situations; the driver only has to steer.

Inside it sports the all-new Jaguar InControl® Touch™ system featuring an 8-inch touchscreen or the optional InControl Touch Pro™ with a 10.2-inch touchscreen to InControl Apps™ and InControl Remote™. 

To handle large amounts of data, the optional Jaguar InControl Touch Pro features a 10.2-inch touchscreen, a solid-state drive and a quad-core processor.

Complementing InControl Touch Pro is an available reconfigurable 12.3-inch TFT instrument cluster.

The all-new Jaguar XF comes with full-LED headlights and Laser Heads-Up Display.

"In creating the all-new Jaguar XF, as a design team we have been driven by discipline, the discipline of simplicity. Every exterior line on the XF has a clear purpose - nothing is superfluous. Achieving that simplicity takes time and requires great determination; it's all too easy to add lines to a car, but much harder to add character by leaving lines out.  Inside too, we have been driven by the desire to ensure the cabin of the Jaguar XF is as comforting as it is comfortable. New technology, including our new 10.2-inch touchscreen, is combined carefully with materials that cosset and reassure. The all-new Jaguar XF has a clear sense of calm and strength, both outside and inside - and I'm proud of my team for delivering that," said Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar