The House of The Raging Bull has just announced that the 2016 Huracan will be receiving several upgrades in its powertrain and interior. Lamborghini says that the 2016 revisions will focus on enhancing the car's efficiency, drivability and luxury.

The most apparent upgrade in the 2016 Huracan can be found on the V10 engine. Both the coupe and the recently-launched Spyder now benefit from cylinder deactivation. Made by the company to improve the car's fuel economy, five of the ten cylinders are shut off when the motor is not used to its full capacity. It will instantly switch back to full power when the driver accelerates.

With it, Lamborghini states that this will reduce fuel consumption and lessen C02 emission to only 283 g/km.

The 4WD system, on the other hand, has been retuned for a more 'neutral and improved driving characteristic', specifically in Strada mode.

Rear quarter view of the 2016 Lamborghini Huracan

Over to the cabin, Lamborghini Ad Personam, the company's in-house customization program, has made interior personalization and exterior options (heritage and matte colors) available. Different color trims along with leather-wrapped door handles and the center console now come as standard as well.

There is also the optional 390W Sensonum audio system that channels the sound through a ten-channel amplifier and ten loudspeakers.

Other extras available for the 2016 Huracan include: optional sports exhaust system, LED lighting in the engine bay, transparent engine cover, carbon fiber engine bay trim, cupholders, 12V socket and lighter and storage nets.