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2017 Mini Countryman goes green with plug-in hybrid model


Mini introduces first ever plug-in hybrid model - the Cooper S E Countryman ALL4

As global emission regulations become more stringent, most automakers rush to electrify their lineups with either hybrid or electric vehicles. Mini joins in with their first ever plug-in hybrid model, the Cooper S E Countryman ALL4.

Making up the hybrid system of the Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 is a three-cylinder TwinPower turbo gasoline engine combined with an electric motor. It has a total system output of 224 PS and has an electric driving top speed of 125 km/h. Maximum electric range, on the other hand is rated at 42 km.


To put the power down to the front wheels, the engine is mated to a 6-speed steptronic transmission while the electric motors power the rear. The two power units are then intelligently controlled to create an all-wheel drive system that “ensures perfect movement in all weathers and on all road surfaces.”

Like most intelligent hybrid systems, there are three driving modes that the driver can choose among. Auto eDRIVE mode allows for purely electric driving up to 80km/h with engine assist at higher speed. Max eDRIVE mode takes the electric driving speed up to 125km/h with engine assist past it. Lastly, Save Battery mode where the car is powered solely by the gasoline engine.

Inside, the hybrid Countryman has the same interior as a standard one except for the rear seats sitting slightly higher,due to the lithium ion battery and the eDRIVE toggle switch. On the outside, it does receive model-exclusive design elements such as yellow 'S' badges, 'E' emblems found on the rear and sides and newly designed 17-inch wheels.

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