Peugeot's newest crossover, the 3008, is the latest car to undergo crash testing through the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). Following the series of tests, ANCAP awarded the second-generation 3008 five stars, the agency's highest rating.

The ANCAP tested the 3008 four times with a full frontal collision, offset impact, side impact and pole impact. In their report, The 3008 provided good protection critical body regions such as the head and upper legs and adequate protection for the chest and neck during the full frontal crash test. For the offset test, ANCAP reports that the passenger compartment of the 3008 remained stable in the frontal offset test but they did note that there were heavy loads on the driver's chest. Nonetheless, the impact forces are not enough to cause significant injury.

Where the 3008 fared well was in the side impact and pole crash test. In the side impact test, the crossover garnered a perfect score, putting it on par with the Subaru XV. The more demanding pole crash test netted a near-perfect score, missing out by just 0.17 points. Whiplash protection for both front and rear seats also received a perfect rating. All in all, the Peugeot 3008 scored 32.9 out of 38 points for adult occupant protection and 42.0 out of 49 for child occupant protection.

The second-generation Peugeot 3008 will make its debut in the country within this year. Also in the pipeline for Peugeot Phillipines are two models, namely, the larger Peugeot 5008 crossover and the Peugeot Traveller van. Peugeot Philippines has yet to announce the launch dates of these models.