Waking up to the sound of a growling V8 motor is something most of us car enthusiasts would love. However, not everyone is a car enthusiast. Furthermore, not everyone wants their morning to be disturbed by a V8 rumble. In fact, Ford's former head of vehicle engineering, Steve von Foerster had his neighbors call the cops on him as he was leaving one early morning in his Shelby GT350.

To solve this issue, Ford has made the 2018 Mustang available with a optional active variable exhaust system which features a Quiet Start mode. With Quiet Start or as Ford calls it 'Good Neighbor Mode', the driver can set a time for the quiet start-up to be automatically activated, ensuring that the neighbors will not be disturbed. Ford claims that the Quiet Start lowers sound to only 72 decibels, which is equivalent to a household dishwasher.

“Active valve performance exhaust gives Mustang owners the best of both worlds – that classic Mustang sound, and the ability to not wake up your neighbors when you leave the house early in the morning or arrive home late at night,” said Matt Flis, Ford exhaust development engineer.

Ford keeps the peace with quiet start-up for new Mustangs

Apart from Quiet Mode, the optional variable exhaust also comes with louder modes – Normal, Sport and Track settings. This would allow customers to hear the full grunt of the Mustang's 5.0-liter V8. Those who don't like their neighbors can also opt to use Track mode while revving up the engine going down the road.

Ford says that the Quiet Start is an industry first, and allows Mustang owners to keep a good relationship with neighbors.