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2018 Ford Ranger gets a healthy dose of (Eco)boost


Ford Ranger nameplate returns to North America

Last week, the photos of the facelifted Ford Ranger surfaced on the web. Now, the American automaker has officially revealed the revamped pickup, albeit in US-spec guise.

Just like the pickup photographed a week ago, the Ranger gets a new, two-bar grill, as well as redesigned headlights. Bumpers have been significantly tweaked too. However, it is yet to be known if the rest of the world will get the same look as the US-spec model. The Ranger revealed in the US had a different set of lights, likely to comply with the country's regulations.


Over there, the Ranger comes in four variants with two body styles. It starts with the entry-level XL, mid-level XLT and high-level Lariat trim series with available Chrome and Sport appearance and FX Off-Road packages, and in SuperCab or SuperCrew cab configurations. Ford USA revealed the FX4 Off-Road Package and it remains to be seen if that particular variant will translate elsewhere as the Wildtrak.

The Ranger seen last week had different bumpers but it was a different variant altogether. Dubbed the Limited, it has the same two-bar grill as the US-Spec FX4 but with more chrome detailing. The bumper corners get defined creases and the tail lights appear to have been carried over from the current Ranger. With the US variants already revealed, the Limited variant from last week are possibly for markets within Asia and Oceana. 

As for the cabin, it gets Everest-like design details. Most noticeable is the dash with the Ranger name imprinted on the passenger side trim piece. The gear selector has been redesigned to accommodate a touch-shift manual mode. Lastly, the steering wheel has been given a more angular look with some of its buttons being relocated.

Perhaps most significantly, the US-spec Ranger is powered by a turbocharged gas engine instead of a turbodiesel. It uses the 2.3-liter, four-cylinder EcoBoost engine as seen in the Explorer. It is then paired with a ten-speed automatic transmission, a class first. Official figures have yet to be revealed but it may possibly be in the region of 260 to 300 PS. There is no word on the turbodiesels just yet.

The new Ranger also benefits from the Everest's Terrain Management System, along with more tech. Available is theTrail Control package which Ford describes cruise control of off-roading. Trail Control takes over acceleration and braking – sending power and braking to each individual wheel to allow drivers to focus on steering along the course.

Much closer to home, Ford will be officially unveiling the Ranger Raptor next month in Bangkok, Thailand. It is possible that the rest of the ASEAN-spec range will be revealed there as well

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