On Monday, we said that Honda is working on bringing in the Civic Type R, and looks like it's bound to come true.

Yesterday a photo circulated amongst several chatgroups showing a Honda Civic Type R being literally unboxed from a shipping crate. AutoIndustriya.com attempted to get confirmation for the original source of the image to verify independently if it was, in fact, taken in the Philippines.

After consulting with a trusted source, we can now say with certainty that the all-new Civic Type R is actually coming, but the car shown above is not necessarily the actual unit.

Our source was also unable to fully verify the actual origin of the image. Judging by the photo, it appears to have been taken immediately after shipping but again, verification is going to be very tricky as the photo could have been snapped anywhere. As such, our contact cannot confirm whether or not this is the actual Civic Type R that will be displayed at the Honda booth when the Manila International Auto Show opens in two weeks. 

Those familiar with the motor shows in the Philippines would know that CAMPI members generally reserve their major launches for the bi-ennial Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS), so it was highly unusual that Honda Cars Philippines, a CAMPI member, opted to participate in the Manila International Auto Show this year.

According to our source, the unit bound for MIAS is a pre-production unit that was brought about by HCPI General Manager Toshio Kuwahara; a final act for the Philippine market before moving on to his new post.

Kuwahara led the resurgence of Honda's automobile operations in the Philippines particularly after the massive problems that hit the automaker in Japan (the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami) as well as in Thailand (the 2011 floods). Kuwahara will take the helm of Honda's automobile and motorcycle operations in Vietnam.

There are no details regarding specs or prices, but if you do head on over to the Manila International Auto Show later this month to see the 2018 Honda Civic Type R, you may want to look for Honda's outgoing General Manager and thank him for finally and officially bringing the Civic Type R to the Philippines.