Yes, that headline is correct. Nissan Philippines is getting ready to launch the company's most extreme, most powerful production version of the GT-R yet: the GT-R NISMO. 

More than that, these photos are the proof as one eagle-eyed reader, Mark T. Chua, spotted the GT-R NISMO aboard a car carrier without a cover as it was being transported in Metro Manila.

2018 Nismo GT-R spotted in Manila

The GT-R is already a very powerful car, NISMO, Nissan's official motorsport (NISsan MOtorsport) and tuning division, took it even further. The body was upgraded to be stiffer through body bonding for better cornering and tweaked with many aero enhancements.

2018 Nismo GT-R spotted in Manila

Some of the exterior pieces are made out of carbon fiber like the front fascia, side sills, rear spoiler, and trunk lid. Those tweaks, along with the massive 20-inch Rays forged alloy wheels give the GT-R NISMO an even more aggressive look. The interior has likewise been upgraded with black leather and red accents.

2018 Nismo GT-R spotted in Manila 

But the most important upgrades to the GT-R to deserve a NISMO badge is the powertrain and suspension. The 3.8 liter V6 gets bigger turbos, among other things, bumping up power to 600 horses for the ATTESA ET-S all-wheel drive and 6-speed dual clutch gearbox to handle. The suspension has likewise been retuned and upgraded. 

We reached out to some Nissan insiders and they said that the GT-R NISMO is being prepared for its launch event which will take place on January 25.

They wouldn't give an exact price, but they did say that the GT-R NISMO will cost around double the price of the “standard” GT-R; around PhP 13 to 15 million.